Is satele Shan powerful?

Is satele Shan powerful?

Without getting back into comparison threads about “Is Satele Shan more powerful than xxxx”, yes she is powerful. The lore does not exactly map out a league table of who is the most powerful Jedi/Sith in this timeline, but Satele is one of, if not the, most powerful Jedi at the time of the Old Republic.

Is satele Shan a descendant of Revan?

Early life. Satele Shan was born in the year 3699 BBY to the Human Jedi Knight Tasiele Shan, who was the descendant of the legendary Jedi Revan and Bastila Shan.

Is satele Shan a Sith?

Satele Shan was a Jedi Master at the time of The Great Galactic War between The Sith Empire, and The Galactic Republic. She was the descendant of Darth Revan and Bastila Shan, and student of Kao Cen Darach.

Who was grandmaster after satele Shan?

List of Grand Masters

Period Grand Master
Pre–3645 BBY—c. 3636 BBY Satele Shan
Fae Coven
–19 BBY Yoda
36 ABY–43 ABY Luke Skywalker

Who did satele Shan marry?

Bastila Shan
Spouse Revan
Children Vaner Shan (son)
Relatives Satele Shan (descendant) Theron Shan (descendant)
Master Darth Malak

Who did Satele Shan marry?

Who was Grand Master before satele?

List of Grand Masters

Period Grand Master
–24,500 BBY Awdrysta Pina
fl. 10,966 BBY Biel Ductavis
Pre-3681 BBY–3653 BBY Zym
Pre–3645 BBY—c. 3636 BBY Satele Shan

What lightsaber form did Satele Shan use?

It is confirmed that she used Ataru until she basically abandoned lightsaber combat altogether and focused on her prowess with the Force.

Who was Grand Master after Satele Shan?

Who is the Ithorian Jedi?

Multiple Ithorians were members of the Jedi Order including the Jedi Initiate Byph, Jedi Knight Mikkel Sutmani, and Jedi Roron Corobb. Though Ithorians were stereotyped as peaceful gardeners and philosophers, not all Ithorians matched those descriptions. Bulduga and Onca were cunning Ithorian bounty hunters.

Is satele and Bastila related?

Affiliation. The Shan family was a famous Human Jedi family of the Galactic Republic, including Bastila Shan, her parents, Helena Shan and her husband, and her descendants, including Satele Shan and her son Theron.

Who was Grandmaster before satele?

What race is Hammerhead?

Known as “Hammerheads” for their distinctive appearance, Ithorians are native to the planet Ithor but found throughout the galaxy.

Are Ithorians strong?

The Clone Wars season 7 includes a moment that will chang the way fans see Ithorians – the once docile species were revealed to have super strength. Star Wars: The Clone Wars revealed a classic cantina alien is stronger than they appear.

Who was the weakest Sith?

23 Sith Ranked From The Weakest To The Most Powerful

  • Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren.
  • Darth Malak. Darth Malak.
  • Darth Talon. Darth Talon.
  • Darth Tyranus. Darth Tyranus.
  • Darth Maul. Darth Maul.
  • Darth Coguns. Darth Coguns.
  • Naga Sadow. Naga Sadow.
  • Darth Gean. Darth Gean.

Were there any Ithorian Jedi?

Roron Corobb was a male Ithorian Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic as a General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the tumultuous time of the Clone Wars.