Is Shankill Catholic or Protestant?

Is Shankill Catholic or Protestant?

Shankill Road is a loyalist, protestant neighborhood with graphic murals on the walls and flags flying everywhere (though banned) showing that this area remains a loyalist place.

Is Shankill a loyalist?

The Shankill has been traditionally unionist and loyalist, albeit with some strength also held by the labour movement. Belfast Shankill, covering the north-west part of the Shankill Road, was established as a constituency of the Parliament of Northern Ireland in 1929 and existed until the body was abolished in 1973.

How many people live on Shankill?

The Shankill population was greatly dispersed. In the past 20 years, 50,000 of the Shankill population have left – largely due to redevelopment, – leaving a population of 26,000.

Is Shankill rough?

Parts of Shankill are a bit rough where there is council housing. Its also close to Dunlaoghaire, Bray and Greystones so there is plenty to do at these towns..

Is Belfast safe in 2021?

Is Belfast safe in 2021? Yes, for the most part Belfast is safe. However, like any large city, there are areas of Belfast to avoid, mainly after dark. Common sense is always needed.

Is West Belfast Catholic or Protestant?

As you can see, west Belfast is mainly Catholic, in most areas over 90%. For many years, the Catholic population expanded to the southwest, but in recent years it has started expanding around the Shankill and into north Belfast. The east of the city is predominantly Protestant, typically 90% or more.

Is Shankill a nice area?

The area on the whole is very nice as it is right beside Dalkey and Killiney (two of the very wealthiest places in Ireland – you’ll be close to Bono and the Edge) and thus has many nice houses and quiet areas. Shankill does have some poorer areas, particularly around the DART station.

Where was Belfast filmed?

Where was ‘Belfast’ filmed? According to Belfast Live, Branagh and his crew scouted and filmed throughout England. Branagh and his team searched far and wide for places that felt closer to those of fifty years ago.