Is Smoky Mountains com legit?

Is Smoky Mountains com legit? is a property management company based out of Gatlinburg, Tennessee that specializes in offering luxurious vacation rentals near the Smoky Mountains.

Where are the Smoky Mountains?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park straddles the borders of the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. The three main entrances to the park are in Gatlinburg, TN; Townsend, TN; and Cherokee, NC.

Are there Grizzlies in the Smoky Mountains?

There are more than 1,600 black bears inside the park that spans 816 square miles, which is approximately two bears for every square mile. That’s really dense. For comparison, in Yellowstone National Park, there are an estimated 150 grizzlies that range fully or mostly in the park that spans 3,468 square miles.

Why is Smoky Mountains so popular?

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to an array of natural and man-made attractions. The park offers miles of wooded trails, stunning waterfalls, winding scenic drives, more than 90 historic structures and lots of educational exhibits.

What is the best time to go to the Smoky Mountains?

The best times to visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park are the summer (June, July and August) and the fall. July is the busiest month of the summer season while October weekends draw those in search of autumn foliage.

Has anyone been attacked by a bear in Gatlinburg?

Bear attacks in the Smoky Mountains are very rare. In fact, it’s so uncommon that it can be difficult to find many statistics on the subject. In the year 2000, the Chicago Tribune reported a woman was killed by a black bear within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, about 10 miles from Gatlinburg.

What to bring for your Smoky Mountain Cabin vacation?

Clothing. When preparing for your Smoky Mountains vacation,always consider the season and weather.

  • Toiletries. While a hotel may provide complimentary shampoo,conditioner,and other bath amenities,most cabins do not.
  • Food.
  • Cleaning Supplies.
  • Outdoor Gear.
  • Miscellaneous Items.
  • Where is Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains?

    – Open year round – 159 sites – Tents and RVs up to 35 feet – Call (877) 444-6777 or visit to reserve a site. Anthony Creek Horse Camp – Call (877) 444-6777 or visit to reserve a site. Backcountry Camping – Reservation and permit required – Call (865) 436-1297 for information

    Are the Smoky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains the same?

    There are several different ranges that make up the Appalachian Mountains, including the Smoky Mountains, which has led many to assume they are the same. While this assumption isn’t entirely true, it isn’t entirely wrong either. So the Smoky Mountains are just a part of the Appalachian Mountains.

    Are the Great Smoky Mountains national parks in Virginia?

    Visit the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee,NC.

  • Across the street is the Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual,which serves as a co-op and gallery showcasing the traditional work of over 250 Cherokee artists.
  • Visit the Nantahala Outdoor Center located southwest of Bryson City.
  • Drive through Cades Cove.
  • Drive to Newfound Gap and Clingmans Dome.