Is Spotted Gum good for decking?

Is Spotted Gum good for decking?

Spotted gum is well-suited for decking because of its durability and superior wood properties, which include hardness, high density and strength. It shrinks and moves less than some other timber decking options thanks to its remarkable density. Spotted gum is also naturally resistant to termites, stains and fire.

How do you finish Spotted Gum decking?

If used as decking, Spotted Gum may be best treated with a decking oil. At Coach House Timbers, we generally recommend finishing / coating the material before, or straight after, installation to prevent moisture absorption / reduction, which can cause swelling, cupping, warping, twisting and splitting.

Which timber is best for decking?

Hardwood Species

  • Ironbark is the most durable hardwood for decking and offers longevity. It is extremely fire, termite and rot resistant.
  • Spotted Gum is widely used for decking on account of its durability and strength.
  • Yellow and red stringybark are durable enough for outdoor use.

Is Merbau cheaper than Spotted Gum?

Jarrah (85mm wide) costs around $75 per m2. Merbau (140mm wide) costs about $60 per m2. Silver Top (90mm wide) costs about $69 per m2. Spotted Gum (86mm wide) costs around $105 per m2.

How long will a Spotted Gum deck last?

40 years
In many cases, spotted gum decking can last 40 years or more. Strong and durable wood types are the best for decking as they’ll last a long time and support the weight of people and furniture without issue.

Which is better Merbau or Spotted Gum?

Both timbers are rated “High” for durability, which means they should last 40+ years. However, Spotted Gum is considered to be a slightly lower grade timber and slightly less durable than Merbau. Merbau has a Durability 1 rating while Spotted Gum has a Durability 2 rating.

Does spotted gum decking go GREY?

Over time, spotted gum decking will fade to grey. Homeowners and builders are often drawn to the wavy grain in spotted gum decking which produces a characteristic “fiddleback” look.

Which is better Merbau or spotted gum?

Does spotted gum go grey?

Though the spotted gum tree itself has light coloured bark — usually ranging from white to grey — the decking that’s made from spotted gum heartwood is generally reddish-brown to golden-brown in hue. Over time, spotted gum decking will fade to grey.

What is the difference between Merbau and spotted gum?

Spotted Gum and Silvertop Ash are both naturally resistant to termites and the Lyctid borer, they are grown on sustainable Australian plantations and are environmentally friendly. On the other hand, Merbau is not naturally resistant to the Lyctid borer, but it is to termites and is generally an imported hardwood.

Does spotted gum decking go grey?

How long will a spotted gum deck last?