Is Volibear a good tank?

Is Volibear a good tank?

Very good passive, makes Volibear good tank and turret-diver. If your lane enemy isn’t smart enough he will attack you when you are low HP and lose because he won’t be able to deal damage faster than you heal.

Is Volibear good LoL?

Volibear is one of the most popular top laners in League of Legends solo queue. He’s easy to play and has a great kit, which scales well throughout the entire duration of the game. His kit allows him to have a flexible build path, allowing you to adjust your itemization based on your needs without issues.

Does Volibear start red or blue?

Almost all Pro Volibear Jungle Paths start on the Blue Buff and the Volibear players always start with Frenzied Maul.

Does Master Yi counter Volibear?

Master Yi wins against Volibear 44.24% of the time which is 0.87% lower against Volibear than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Master Yi wins against Volibear 0.61% more often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Master Yi build & runes against Volibear.

Who works well with Volibear support?

These are champions who work well with Volibear when present anywhere in the game. 33.3% of teammates in matches synergize well with Volibear….

Champion Win Rate Plays
Kalista 44.2% 165
Xayah 44.5% 283
Gangplank 44.9% 372
Zoe 45.1% 428

How do I get to Jax vs Garen?

  1. Play safe until level 4, when you can put a point into W.
  2. Try to silence Jax with your Q before he uses his Counter Strike, and if you can’t then use your W to reduce the stun duration.
  3. It is absolutely crucial that you do not push until you have at least the items for a sunfire cape and finished merc treads.

Who are Lissandra sisters?

Into this dangerous and volatile age, Lissandra and her sisters, Serylda and Avarosa, were born. Each sought to harness the powers at war, and each paid a terrible price. Attempting to command the heavens above them, Serylda lost her voice to the first twilight.

Who is good vs Volibear?

Volibear Counter Pick

Champion Win Rate Play Rate
B NunuYeti Rider 53.31% 4.25%
S Kha’ZixVoidreaver 52.3% 7.64%
C WarwickBlood Hunter 52.96% 3.19%
B Master YiWuju Bladesman 50.82% 4.45%

Who counters Yi Jgl?

Master Yi Counter Pick

Champion Win Rate Play Rate
C WarwickBlood Hunter 52.96% 3.19%
B NunuYeti Rider 53.31% 4.25%
D SejuaniWinter’s Wrath 50.31% 2.09%
S Kha’ZixVoidreaver 52.3% 7.64%