Is XM855 the same as M855?

Is XM855 the same as M855?

Federal 5.56 NATO ammo is produced for the military and the civilian market at the Lake City Ammo Plant, which is ran by the U.S Military. Service-issued ammunition is labeled as “M855” (steel-core penetrator) or “M193” (conventional ball ammo). The civilian equivalents to these rounds are labeled “XM855” and “XM193”.

Is M855 a 62 grain?

Heavier and slightly slower, the M855 is a 62-grain 5.56×45 caliber bullet traveling around 3,000fps at the muzzle. The green-tipped M855 comes loaded with an 80% lead core and topped off with a 7-grain steel tip which provides the M855 with far superior penetration when compared to the M193 round.

Is xm855 armor-piercing?

Is it an armor-piercing round? Quite simply, no. M855 is not an AP round, neither literally nor by the BATFE’s own description of AP rounds.

Is M855 good for self defense?

M855 is useful in other situations such as punching through cover and concealment, but its utility in those situations means it’s not the best 5.56 ammo to use inside the home. This brings us to the last two rounds in our test, the 55 grain M193 and the 69 grain Fiocchi.

Is M855 green tip armor-piercing?

The M855 bullet is a green tip but not armor piercing, as is the M855 A1 bullet which is not sold to the public. Law enforcement officers generally wear body armor of Class II, which will stop up to a . 45 caliber handgun round or class III which will stop up to a . 44 magnum.

Is M855 green tip armor piercing?

Is M855 really armor piercing?

Although M855 ammo is not armor piercing ammunition, the steel “penetrator” at the tip of the core helps it punch through barriers pretty effectively. It penetrates glass, thin metals, thick clothing, and brush rather well. However, don’t expect M855 rounds to plow through auto glass, brick, or modern body armor.

Will M855 ammo penetrate body armor?

Most military personnel and law enforcement officers in danger of facing 5.56 mm or higher caliber rounds will likely wear Level IV body armor for protection. Not even M855A1 was designed to penetrate Level IV armor plates. Thankfully, even civilians may buy Level IV armor today.

What is M855 good for?