What are classifications of submittals?

What are classifications of submittals?

Submittals generally break down into four categories: Product and materials data, shop drawings, samples, and mock-ups.

What are the three types of submittals in construction?

Various types of submittals are part of the construction process. These include action submittals, informational submittals, those furnished as part of project closeout, and those that are considered maintenance material.

Who is responsible for submittals?

Submittals are often created by a project manager and/or a contractor (or subcontractor) to request information from the responsible subcontractor about the specific items planned for fabrication and/or installation on a project.

What are submittals in HVAC?

An HVAC submittal is a series of documents and samples that you, as a contractor, are required to provide to the supervising design team, architects, or engineers before starting work. Construction contracts require submittals from general contractors and subcontractors alike.

What should be included in a submittal?

Submittals are important early in a project and help to guide how a project is executed. Construction submittals may include thousands of line items such as color charts, material data, samples, color and finish selections, shop drawings, and more. A submittal template keeps these submissions organized.

Are submittals the same as shop drawings?

All shop drawings are submittals, but not all submittals are shop drawings. This writer tends to consider as “shop drawings”: (1) fabrication and assembly drawings, usually having a title block, or (2) schedules, prepared specifically for the project.

What is included in a submittal package?

A submittal package is best defined as a set of items, ideally from a single spec section, along with the documents that support them. The items themselves come from the requirements in the specs: schedules, meeting minutes, safety plans, product data, shop drawings, test data, mix designs, samples etc.

What is the submittal process?

The submittal process involves dozens of people submitting and approving product data, shop drawings, and closeouts to ensure that the building is being built according to the specifications.

What are MEP submittals?

What are submittals? Submittals consist of information provided by the contractor to the design professional for approval of equipment, materials, etc. before they are fabricated and delivered to the project.

What is an example of a submittal?

Submittal items include schedules, meeting minutes, product data, shop drawings, test data, product samples, warranties, and operations and maintenance (O&M) data. A large project, with dozens of subs, may have 500 or more individual submittals.

What is included in a submittal?

Is a submittal a contract document?

Submittals are not contract documents. The contractor prepares submittals, and the architect prepares contract documents.

What is the difference between a submittal and a submittal package?

A submittal package is a container that stores one or more submittals. Typically, a general contractor creates submittal packages that list all of the individual submittals specific to a particular trade or subcontractor.

What should a submittal include?

What Is Included in Submittals and Why Do They Matter?

  • Product cut sheets that identify the manufacturer, specifications and model number.
  • Shop drawings that lay out the dimensions of such prefabricated products such as trusses, cast concrete, windows, appliances, millwork and more.
  • Color and finish selections.

What are the documents required for material submittal?

Required documents: 3 sets of Material Submittal including all the following documents: Copy of Approved Supply Arrangement Request. ADEWA Data Sheet Compliance with Consultant Remarks and Stamps. Copy of Contract Drawing/Sketch.

What information is included in a submittal?

What are approved submittals?

An “approved” submittal authorizes quantity and quality of a material or an assembly to be released for fabrication and shipment. It ensures that the submittals have been properly vetted before final ordering. In essence, this is the final quality control mechanism before a product arrives on-site.

Should submittals be allocated to categories Recommended by CSI?

This blog post has described the benefits of allocating submittals into categories recommended by CSI, addressed how the design professional is responsible for devoting the same care and attention to all required submittals regardless of type, addressed types of submittals that should not be required at all, discussed what submittals may be revi…

Which submittals must be reviewed by the design professional in charge?

Accordingly, all action submittals and certain informational submittals, such as source quality control submittals and field quality control submittals, typically must be reviewed and acted upon by the design professional-in-responsible-charge.

What are in-informational submittals?

Informational submittals may also include other administrative submittals, such as construction progress schedules, schedules of submittals, schedules of values, photographic documentation, copies of permits obtained by the contractor, contractor’s daily reports of onsite work activity, survey data, and other administrative submittals.