What biker gangs are in Georgia?

What biker gangs are in Georgia?

Motorcycle Clubs In Georgia

  • Southern Riding Club.
  • North Georgia Mountain Riders NGMR.
  • The Georgia Rollers Riding club.
  • Steel Brotherhood MC.
  • Tun Tavern Marines.
  • North Georgia Mountain Riders, NGMR.
  • Southern Operators Motorcycle Club.
  • Bomber Girls LRC, Senoia Chapter.

What MC clubs are in Ontario?

Ontario Motorcycle Touring and Cruising Clubs

  • Ontario Motorcycle Touring and Cruising Clubs. ABATE Ontario.
  • Babes Women’s Riding Club.
  • Bad Bones Riding Club.
  • Barrie Huronia Rolling Thunder.
  • Biker’s Church.
  • Bikers Rights of Ontario.
  • Bikers Rights Organization Niagara.
  • Blackhawks Motorcycle Club.

Are there Hells Angels in Hamilton Ontario?

Firming up their presence in Ontario, the Hells Angels have opened a chapter in Hamilton on the site of an old biker haunt once seized by police. The chapter is the 16th to be set up in the province since the Angels expanded into Ontario from Quebec just over four years ago.

Where is the Hells Angels clubhouse in Hamilton?

269 Lottridge St.
Hansen is the new owner of 269 Lottridge St. It’s been a while since that address — north of Barton, east of Sherman — was in the news. But many remember who used to call that place home. The Hells Angels turned the building into their clubhouse, a windowless bunker protected with bollards against car-ramming attacks.

What happened to Canada’s oldest outlaw motorcycle gang?

Canada’s oldest outlaw motorcycle gang, founded in Hamilton, is no more. The Red Devils, active since 1949, voted Friday night to “patch over” to an East Coast biker gang they’ve been closely affiliated with for years.

What was found in raids on Ontario biker clubs?

Photo by Ontario Provincial Police Four criminal networks, several with links to rival outlaw biker clubs, were hit by simultaneous raids and arrests that uncovered stashes of high-power weaponry, including boxes of grenades and grenade launchers, Ontario Provincial Police said Thursday.

Who are the people arrested in the biker violence in Ontario?

Other people arrested have had links to biker clubs as well. Also prominent among those arrested Daniel Bell, 33, of St. Thomas, Ont., who faces 10 charges; Michael Caron, 47, of London, who faces 32 charges; Sean Sutherland, 32, of Hamilton, Ont., who faces 126 charges; and Brandon Spaulding, 31, of Brantford, who faces 50 charges.

What happened at the Devils Hamilton Club?

Multiple shots are fired into the Devils Hamilton chapter clubhouse. Devils member Michael Carey, aged 32, is killed. The club then decided to reinforce the clubhouse with a cinderblock wall should any further attacks occur.