What can I do with cardboard in SF?

What can I do with cardboard in SF?

You may place the bundle in or next to your Recology blue cart at the curb. If you place the cardboard in your Recology blue cart, the lid on your cart must be fully closed at pickup. Additional collection charges may apply when cardboard is placed next to your recycling cart.

How do I dispose of paint in San Francisco?

You can drop off your paint, motor oil, and other small amounts of hazardous chemicals to the SF Transfer Station. PaintCare also accepts paint for proper disposal. Paint is typically recycled and reused whenever possible.

How do I contact SF Recology?

Use the contact form or call us at (415) 330-1300.

What’s the meaning of Recology?

Recology: A World Without Waste We seek to eliminate waste by developing and discovering sustainable resource recovery practices that can be implemented globally. Learn More.

How do you dispose of pillows in San Francisco?

If your pillows cannot be reused or donated, you can drop them off with USAgain, who accepts household textiles regardless of their condition. Simply make sure your pillows are clean and dry and in a tied plastic bag. Find your closest drop box here.

How do you dispose of nail polish in San Francisco?

If you are cleaning out your nail polish collection to dispose of polishes or removers that contain toxic ingredients, these products cannot go in any curbside bin because they can contaminate the environment. Schedule a home pickup for these items or drop them off at Recology’s facility.

How do I dispose of old furniture in San Francisco?

Contact Recology at (415) 330-1300 or email [email protected] to schedule a pick-up. Residents must schedule a pick-up prior to placing items on the curbside. More pick-ups can be arranged at an additional cost.

Who picks up garbage in SF?

Waste Management has many services available in your neighborhood and throughout most of the San Francisco, California area. As one of California’s largest trash and recycling service partners, we pride ourselves on customer service and environmental stewardship.

What kind of company is Recology?

waste management company
Recology, formerly known as Norcal Waste Systems, is a waste management company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company collects and processes municipal solid waste, reclaiming reusable materials.

Who is Recology owned by?

Recology became 100% employee owned in 1986, through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The Recology ESOP provides our employees with a supplemental retirement plan alongside their 401(K) or pension, and comprehensive benefits package.

Can you throw away paint in California?

In California, paint is prohibited from disposal in landfills and must be recycled or otherwise safely disposed.

How do I dispose of aerosol cans in San Francisco?

Request a free household hazardous waste pick-up. San Francisco residents get special services for household toxic products. Call Recology at (415) 330-1405 or email them at [email protected] to schedule a FREE home pick-up from your San Francisco residence. Appointments are available Wednesday to Saturday mornings.

How do you dispose of Styrofoam in San Francisco?

Styrofoam™: large blocks of clean Styrofoam™ can be dropped off for recycling at the Recology San Francisco Transfer Station at 501 Tunnel Avenue in San Francisco.

How do I contact Recology customer service?

Please note: Our Customer Service office located at 935 Terra Bella Avenue is temporarily closed to the public to ensure the safety of our employees. Customers may contact us via phone at 650.967.3034 or send an email to [email protected]. You may experience longer than average hold times with the Recology customer service phone line.

Where does Recology recycle materials?

Read more In the course of one year, Recology sends materials collected from San Francisco’s curbside recycling program to 25 mills, foundries, and manufacturing plants. Our priority is to send bales of recycled material to domestic facilities whenever possible.

Why work with Recology?

Find out more Recology is helping lead the resource recovery industry to a greener future by investing in renewable energy, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and pursuing advanced collection and processing technologies. Find out more

How do I return a package to Recology?

Complete this form and return to Recology by email at [email protected] or by mail at 250 Executive Park Blvd. Suite 2100 San Francisco, CA 94134. Please complete this form and return to Recology by email at [email protected] or by mail at 250 Executive Park Blvd. Suite 2100 San Francisco, CA 94134.