What can you wear with platform boots?

What can you wear with platform boots?

You can wear them exactly as you would any other neutral (trust us, they go with everything), but if you’re feeling a little wary, try repeating your new neutral by way of a blazer, blouse or handbag to help tie things together.

Are platform boots in fashion?

Post-pandemic, platform boots have emerged as perhaps the most popular of all the reemergence shoes. In decades past, the OTT footwear was championed by everyone from David Bowie to the Spice Girls to ABBA. Now, the fashion crowd wants in.

Are platform boots in for 2022?

For those that are loving the revamped Y2K-inspired fashion that has been spotted everywhere recently, get ready for the comeback of the decade. Platform shoes are back and better than ever, thanks to modern, refreshed styles that bring nostalgic vibes into the 2022 era.

Why do girls wear platform boots?

The platform shoe instantly elevates you and forces you to stand up straighter, to move your hips in a more deliberate swivel, and can magically make legs appear longer — something strippers have known for ages.

How do you style a platform?

Swap your platform booties for platform sandals, and style them with a maxi and cardigan to really raise the temperature on this shoe trend. For those who prefer to have an easy outfit you can throw on and go, the simplest way to style platform heels is by pairing them with your favorite sweaterdress.

Why are platform boots popular?

The platform shoe resurfaced in popularity in the early 2000s when the YSL Tribute Sandal appeared in 2004, quickly gaining popularity by celebrities and the fashion world for its sex appeal and added comfort of a platform sole.

What style of boot is in 2022?

The ‘statement sole’ ankle boot The Statement sole is without a doubt one of the strongest 2022 trends in ankle boots. Whether you choose a colourful or chunky sole, a pair of these will bring your wardrobe bang up-to-date.

Are platforms out of style?

InStyle pointed out that even some of the moment’s most admired celebrities, including Olivia Rodrigo and Ariana Grande, have been spotted wearing platform shoes. While history proves that these statement-making shoes keep coming back, we’re unfortunately looking forward to this trend hitting the decline stage in 2022.

Can you wear platform shoes everyday?

This lace-up sneaker features a leather front with an upper sole, keeping your feet supported throughout your long weekend or never-ending workday. Since this sneaker is equal parts casual and dressy, you can easily wear them with joggers or a classic LBD.

Are platform heels in Style 2021?

Platform heels have been in fashion for all of 2021 and show no sign of disappearing for Fall Winter 2021-2022. Platform shoes and sandals are even popping up in next years resort wear collections to grab those platform heels and get comfy.

What do you wear with Flatforms?

You can dress them up with ease with a wide hemmed midi dress, or keep it casual with a pair of printed palazzo pants or off-duty jeans. Plus, you can always take the flatforms back to their heritage and tap into the unstoppable 1970s trends with a pair of flares or a big floral print.

Is it easy to walk in platform boots?

When it comes to funky shoes, there’s nothing quite like platform boots. The boots can add height and style to any outfit, but walking in them can be tricky. If you’re not used to wearing them, it can be easy to lose your balance and wind up taking a tumble.

Are platforms in fashion?

Platforms might always be on the agenda at fashion houses such as Vivienne Westwood, but for autumn/winter 2021 a handful of brands, from Versace to Schiaparelli, raised the stakes around vertiginous stompers.

Are platform shoes trending?

And yes, that includes choosing the most in-your-face shoe trend of all: platform heels. This trend kicked off with Versace showing a selection of colorful satin and leather versions on the runway at their Fall/Winter 2021 show.