What does a Cobra 360 laser do?

What does a Cobra 360 laser do?

The unit detects all radar frequencies and laser signals currently used in United States and Canada, and comes with an UltraBright Data Display, City/Highway modes, and more.

Does the Cobra radar detector work?

This radar/laser detector works 100% exactly as it should. Very accurate and works at great distances. The reason some have given it 1 stars saying it didn’t detect a police officer. The reason for this is because not all cops have their radars on.

What is the voltage for a Cobra radar detector?

You will need an 11 to 15 volt DC power source capable of supplying enough current to run the test load.

What does l mean on police radar?

A laser alert is simply a feature in radar detectors that alerts a driver when it detects LIDAR. Once a LIDAR gun has been aimed at you, that’s the only time your radar detector can give you a laser alert, which may already be too late for you to take action as your speed has already been measured.

What is smart power on Cobra radar?

Your detector includes the Smart Power feature that, when turned On, will put the unit into Low Power mode 15 minutes after the car’s engine has been turned Off.

How do I connect my Cobra radar to my phone?

In order to pair iRadar to your smartphone, go to the Bluetooth Settings Menu on your phone/tablet. For most devices this is found by pressing; Settings ▶ Bluetooth. Press Scan for Devices and/or wait for the Device list to populate and then select iRadar. Pairing can take up to 30 seconds.

What does Ka alert mean on a cobra?

When the detector detects these bands, it emanates a “beep” that alerts the user of radar presence. When a radar detector detects a police officer’s radar gun, it alerts you with messages about X band, K band, or Ka bands. These are the bands that the police officer’s radar guns operate on.

What happens if you get caught with a laser jammer?

Using a radar jammer is a federal offense that can result in a $50,000 fine and/or five years in prison. Radar jammers are also illegal in some states meaning you could be subject to punishment even if you aren’t using it on a federal road.

What does K Alert mean on Cobra radar?

K band alert? Slow down, but it may be a false alert. K band radar are radar waves that fall between 18 GHz and 27 GHz, with most of the law enforcement radar guns operating at 24.125 GHz and 24.15 GHz. Police radar began detecting with K band a few decades after X band was introduced.

How do you Bluetooth a Cobra radar detector?

Bluetooth Pairing Tips 1) Turn off your Cobra iRadar detector device, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on. On your iPhone/iPod Touch, turn Bluetooth Off and then On again. 2) If you are still not connected, go to the Bluetooth Settings menu on your iPhone/ iPod Touch.

Do cops use Ka band?

Many police radar guns use this measure to calculate the speed of a vehicle and they can operate on X bands, K bands, or Ka bands, although Ka bands are the most widely used since they are the most current and accurate technologically.