What does BFBS stand for?

What does BFBS stand for?

Forces Broadcasting Service
British Forces Broadcasting Service

Type Armed forces media (UK)
Former names Forces Broadcasting Service British Forces Network
Forces TV Freesat: 165 Freeview: 96 Sky (UK only): 181 Virgin Media: 274
BFBS Radio See list
Official website www.bfbs.com

Who is forces news?

Forces News is available on TV, radio, online and on social media. It covers impartial stories that other broadcasters cannot or choose not to. Our website, forces.net, is where we surface news, stories and video content about and related to the UK armed forces and the wider military community.

What does BFD mean?


Acronym Definition
BFD Big Freakin’ Deal (polite form)
BFD Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (IP networking)
BFD Bakersfield (Amtrak station code; Bakersfield, CA)
BFD Binary File Descriptor (computer programming)

What does Bfpo stand for?

Find a BFPO number You can use the British Forces Post Office ( BFPO ) if you’re sending mail to: serving armed forces personnel and their families. an employee of the Ministry of Defence ( MOD ), or another official organisation, who’s entitled to use BFPO.

WHO IS Forces TV for?

Forces TV is a news channel that focuses on all aspects of the British Armed Forces. Forces TV is an independent news organisation, owned and operated by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC).

What frequency is BFBS in Cyprus?

Radio. Listen to BFBS Radio on 97.1FM in Akrotiri, 91.7 FM in Ayios Nikolaos, 91.7 FM in Nicosia (UNPA) and 99.6 FM in Dhekelia (Richmond).

How do I get Forces TV?

Forces TV has launched on Freeview channel 96, and is available to 76% of the UK population in most major cities and towns. To receive Forces TV you will need to be within coverage and be watching on a Freeview HD television or Freeview HD recorder.

What does TFG mean?

that former guy
TFG (uncountable) (US politics, slang, uncountable) Initialism of that former guy. Specifically, the former American president Donald Trump. quotations ▼

Are BFPO addresses in the UK?

BFPO addresses are used for the delivery of mail in the UK and around the world. Each BFPO number is a unique location to which you can send or receive post. BFPO moved from its original base at Inglis Barracks, Mill Hill to its current base at RAF Northolt in northwest London in 2007.

Who reads the news on forces TV?

Kate Gerbeau (née Sanderson; born 9 August 1968 in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham) is an English television presenter and news reader, currently on British Forces News.

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