What does Bronchial Soothe do?

What does Bronchial Soothe do?

The exclusive ivy extract in Bronchial Soothe provides natural support for optimal lung and bronchial passageway health. Unlike alcohol-based syrups, the natural ingredients in Bronchial Soothe provide greater levels of safety. Multiple clinical studies prove that Bronchial Soothe is safe for the entire family!

What is ivy leaf syrup?

Ivy leaf is approved by the German Commission E for use against chronic inflammatory bronchial conditions and productive coughs due to its actions as an expectorant. 9. One double-blind human trial found ivy leaf to be as effective as the drug ambroxol for treating the symptoms of chronic bronchitis.

Does ivy leaf work for cough?

In conclusion, ivy leaf extract in the form of syrup and of cough drops was confirmed as an effective and safe treatment of cough in children.

Is Ivy Leaf good for colds?

Ivy leaf (Hedera helix) extract preparations are widely used over-the-counter, non-antibiotic cough remedies authorized by the European Medicines Agency [6–8].

What are the side effects of ivy leaf?

What are the risks associated with ivy leaf medicines? Side effects affecting the stomach and gut such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, and allergic reactions such as hives, skin rash and difficulty breathing have been reported with ivy leaf medicines, although their frequency is not known.

Does ivy leaf clear mucus?

Ivy leaf is the leaf of the common ivy plant, also known as English ivy or Hedera helix. It is a green climbing plant that is often used as a decoration on the sides of houses and fences. What you may not know is that ivy leaf can also thin, loosen and help expel mucus.

Can ivy cause health problems?

As with many common garden, house and wild plants, ivy isn’t food and is mildly poisonous if eaten. If you were to eat some, you might get an upset stomach. It is toxic to cats, dogs and horses, but not birds or livestock. Children under five are most at risk from plant poisoning.