What does continue mean in legal terms?

What does continue mean in legal terms?

Definition. The suspension or postponement of a trial or court proceeding. Continuance is made on a case-by-case basis at the court’s discretion. Courts balance giving the moving party enough time; the need to make the trial timely and speedy; and the interests of justice.

What is continuous use?

What is “continuous use”? Usually the term continuous use is used in real estate to mean uninterrupted and open use of the land. In certain situations, the continuous use of land can create rights over real estate that were not there to begin with.

What does motion mean in law?

Primary tabs. Request to a court for a desired ruling or order. A motion can be written or spoken, as the relevant rules require. Various motions can be made throughout a case, but only after the initial complaint has been filed.

What does Continued mean in a trial?

In American procedural law, a continuance is the postponement of a hearing, trial, or other scheduled court proceeding at the request of either or both parties in the dispute, or by the judge sua sponte.

What is a continuance in court?

A continuance is a postponement of a hearing, trial, or other proceeding to a subsequent day or time. Clerks cannot grant continuances – Only judges can grant continuances.

What do you mean continuous?

adjective. uninterrupted in time; without cessation: continuous coughing during the concert. being in immediate connection or spatial relationship: a continuous series of blasts; a continuous row of warehouses.

What do you call a continuous?

Some common synonyms of continuous are constant, continual, incessant, perennial, and perpetual.

How do you move a motion in court terms?

To move in terms, a lawyer simply introduces the motion to the court, stating the date on the motion paper and the date the same was filed, and then, sits down in order for the court to hear from the Counsel on the other side as to whether he would be opposing the application or not.

What do you say when asking for a continuance?

It should say why you need the continuance. Explain how you can better present evidence in your case if you have more time. Explain some of what you want to tell the court, in case you do not get a continuance. Explain why not getting the continuance will harm you or someone else.

How many times can a preliminary hearing be continued in PA?

(b) Each party may be granted one continuance by the Magisterial District Judge upon cause shown. Any such initial continuance, made at the request of either party, shall not be for more than twenty-one (21) days.

What does it mean to ask for a continuance?

A continuance is a grant of additional preparation time before or during a trial. Either the prosecution or the defense can request a continuance, and sometimes even the court can order a continuance of its own accord.

What are examples of continuous?

Examples of continuous data: The height of children. The amount of time it takes to sell shoes. The amount of rain, in inches, that falls in a storm. The square footage of a two-bedroom house.

What is continued support?

“Continued support” is the standard verbiage that charities use when thanking their donors — the idea behind it is that you’re trying to encourage the donors to continue donating in the future.

What does continuous issue mean?

continuous issue means a method of offering the debt securities and investment certificates of an open-ended investment fund sold over a sixty-day period, where the term of maturity of the securities begins on the day of sale; Sample 1.

What does continuous period of time mean?

A continuous process or event continues for a period of time without stopping.

What is the difference between “continued” and “continuing”?

is that continued is (dated) prolonged; unstopped while continuous is without break, cessation, or interruption; without intervening time. is ( continue ). Other Comparisons: What’s the difference?

What does continued mean?

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How to spell continued?

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What is the definition of continue?

continue ( kənˈtɪnjuː) vb, -ues, -uing or -ued 1. ( when tr, may take an infinitive) to remain or cause to remain in a particular condition, capacity, or place 2. ( when tr, may take an infinitive) to carry on uninterruptedly (a course of action); persist in (something): he continued running.