What does it mean to be just Joshin?

What does it mean to be just Joshin?

1 to make fun of in a good-natured way. don’t get all hot and bothered! I’m just joshing you.

What does Josh mean in slang?

josh. / (dʒɒʃ) slang / verb. to tease (someone) in a bantering way.

What does jaw mean in slang?

to talk idly
(intr) slang. to talk idly; chat; gossip. to lecture.

What does pointlessness mean?

devoid of meaning : senseless
1 : devoid of meaning : senseless a pointless remark. 2 : devoid of effectiveness : flat pointless attempts to be funny.

What does Kosh mean?


Acronym Definition
KOSH Keystone Occupational Safety and Health (Pennsylvania)
KOSH Keeper of Seasons Hall

Is jawn black slang?

A young black male from a West Philly neighborhood was recorded using what’s probably an in-between point in the evolution of “jawn.” He used the word “joint,” but the ways in which he used that word are completely in tune with the way “jawn” is used in Philadelphia today, much more broad than the way “joint” was used …

What does Kos Kesh mean?

@OfficialFazel. Koskesh: A persian (farsi) curse word which means a toxic per… koskesh.urbanup.com/13136122. 1:20 AM · Sep 25, 2021·urbanbot. 1.

What does Bosh mean?

Definition of bosh : foolish talk or activity : nonsense —often used interjectionally.

What is a jawn in Philly?

In Philadelphia, “jawn” evolved as a variant of “joint,” originally denoting a place. In local usage, “jawn” has been used to describe clothing, events, locations, or just a “thing” in general, as evidenced by this sign for Philadelphia-themed memorabilia in a Five Below store on Market Street.

What does cop a jawn mean?

The act of waiting for a drop by getting to a store hours or even days before it opens, in hopes of being the first person to cop some jawns, or eagerly-anticipated grails.