What does Montale dark purple smell like?

What does Montale dark purple smell like?

Dark Purple by Montale is a Amber Floral fragrance for women. Dark Purple was launched in 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. Top notes are plum and Orange; middle notes are Rose, Red Berries, Patchouli and Geranium; base notes are Musk, Teak Wood and Amber.

What does Black AOUD smell like?

Black Aoud was released by Montale in 2006 and it’s highly regarded in the perfume community as one of the best Oud scents available. It is mainly a blend of Oud, Rose and Patchouli in the grand middle eastern style.

How long does Montale Black AOUD last?

It stays on the skin for up to 8 hours. Stays on fabric for over 20 hours.

What kind of smell is oud?

The Oud qualities The olfactory profile of the Oud seduces immediately. Its woody smell is rich in nuances, ranging from sweet to earthy, with some notes of leather and spices. It depends on the species of the tree that produces the resin and on the technique used for extraction.

Is Montale a niche fragrance?

Montale Black Aoud There are 1000s of niche, mainstream and designer Ouds on the market and many contain rose, as they are a complementary pairing. Montale Black Aoud is among the strongest Montale perfumes and most popular fragrances around the world as it is the most realistic to Eastern oud perfumes.

How do you wear oud perfume?

Oud is usually applied in places with a pulse. On the wrists, sides of the neck, and behind the ears. These places are warm and the heat activates the scent to last longer.

Is Montale good brand?

Montale is among the hottest fragrance brands of 2022, and for good reason. Despite being relatively new to the scene, its extensive line of luxe perfumes and colognes are highly coveted.

Why does oud last so long?

Oud In Fragrance “It sits very low down in the composition of a fragrance, meaning it lasts and lasts on the skin and it also has the ability to hold other [scents] in place, making it an excellent ‘fixative’.” Longevity aside, part of oud’s appeal in Western perfumery is its sheer ‘otherness’.

How does oud smell like?

What does oud smell like?

What is Montale dark Aoud?

Dark Aoud by Montale is a Woody fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance, Dark Aoud was launched in 2011. The fragrance features sandalwood and agarwood (oud).

Can Montale Coul do better than black Aoud?

Thought Montale coul not do better than Black Aoud, I was wrong!!! alfarom06/30/11 02:58 A stark, severe, bone dry and indeed dark fragrance that to the usual medicinal oud a-là Montale introduces some spices and sandalwood.

What do you think of Montale’s Aoud Vanille?

This is a very pleasant fragrance from the Montale house, it’s for sure in the cathegorie of oud fragrance ( we can smell really good the oud ) and it has an oriental vibe. ++ For me, nice ! andrewj08/01/17 00:25 Wow this is great! Reminds me a little of Mancera’s Aoud Vanille without the vanilla sweetness.

Is dark Aoud a unisex scent?

I typically enjoy unisex woody scents, but Dark Aoud was extremely masculine on my female skin chemistry, and for the first 8 hours consisted only of black pepper. I kept wondering where the woody notes were!