What does STAAR Alt 2 assess?

What does STAAR Alt 2 assess?

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) designed the STAAR Alternate 2 to assess students in grades 3–8 and high school who have significant cognitive disabilities and are receiving special education services.

What is STAAR Naar?

If the admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee has previously determined that a student meets the eligibility criteria for STAAR Alternate 2 and the student is being considered for a No Authentic Academic Response (NAAR) designation, the ARD committee must discuss the eligibility criteria below.

What is the STAAR ALT test?

STAAR Alternate 2 tests are designed to measure student learning according to academic curriculum and to inform the educational program for each individual student. The goal is to ensure that all students get what they need to be academically successful.

What STAAR test do you take in 9th grade?

But not every high school student needs to take and pass every EOC STAAR test….STAAR Test Subjects and Format.

Grade Level Required STAAR Test
6 Math, Reading
7 Math, Reading, Writing
8 Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies
9-12* Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, US History (Optional: Algebra II, English III)

Who can administer the STAAR Alternate 2 assessment?

Test administrators who have been trained on security and confidentiality and have signed a test security oath may preview the STAAR Alternate 2 test materials beginning on March 14, 2022. The test administrator should use this time to complete the following tasks.

What does STAAR EOC mean?

STAAR end-of-course
The STAAR program for grades 3-8 assesses students in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students taking certain high school courses are assessed through STAAR end-of-course (EOC) exams in Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II, and U.S. History.

Do students receiving 504 or sped services take regular STAAR or STAAR Alternate 2?

Students Receiving Services Under Section 504 Students will take STAAR with or without allowable accommodations.

Who can administer a STAAR test in Texas?

Certified and noncertified paraprofessionals who are currently employed by the district and who routinely work with students in the classroom may serve as test administrators, monitors, or assistants, provided that they are trained in test administration procedures and that they sign the security oath.

What happens if you fail the STAAR test in 9th grade?

What happens if a student fails STAAR? Schools must offer accelerated instruction to students who don’t pass the STAAR or end-of-course exams. The additional help could include assigning a student to an experienced teacher’s classroom or delivering extra tutoring during the next school year or in the summer.

What is passing for STAAR test 2021?

The students need a minimum of 25% to 35% in order to pass the tests. Every year the students receive a report card that states how well or how poorly they did in their tests.

Is the Texas STAAR test mandatory?

“State education officials confirmed recently that all public school students will be required to take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR exams, in person at a monitored test site.

Do Homeschool students have to take the STAAR test in Texas?

Private schools, charter schools and homeschooling students are not required to take it. STAAR Testing dates typically occur in the spring months around April.