What does vandal mean in slang?

What does vandal mean in slang?

4. The definition of a vandal is a person who willfully or improperly destroys or harms someone’s property. A person who purposefully knocks over a mailbox is an example of a vandal. noun. One who willfully or maliciously defaces or destroys public or private property.

Why does the word vandal have this meaning?

The word vandal comes from the Vandals, the Germanic tribe that attacked Rome in 455. The tribe’s name meant “wanderer,” but the word vandal was used in the 1600s to mean “destroyer of what is beautiful.”

What does vandal mean in history?

willful desecration or destruction
Vandal, member of a Germanic people who maintained a kingdom in North Africa from 429 to 534 ce and who sacked Rome in 455. Their name has remained a synonym for willful desecration or destruction.

Is vandal a negative connotation?

Needless to say, the word has strong negative connotations and vandalism is generally regarded as a bad thing.

What is the synonym of vandal?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vandal, like: hood, hun, hooligan, thief, punk, pirate, looter, rapist, despoiler, tough and hoodlum.

What is the noun of vandal?

noun. /ˈvændl/ /ˈvændl/ ​a person who deliberately destroys or damages public property.

Where did Vandals come from?

Like the Goths, the Vandals may have originated in Scandinavia before migrating south. They first breached the Roman frontier in 406, with the Roman Empire distracted by internal divisions, and began clashing with both Visigoths and Romans in Gaul and Iberia.

What are the vandals known for?

The Vandals were a “barbarian” Germanic people who sacked Rome, battled the Huns and the Goths, and founded a kingdom in North Africa that flourished for about a century until it succumbed to an invasion force from the Byzantine Empire in A.D. 534.

Who was the leader of the vandals?

Gaiseric, also spelled Genseric, (died 477), king of the Vandals and the Alani (428–477) who conquered a large part of Roman Africa and in 455 sacked Rome.

What is the antonym of vandal?

What is the opposite of vandal?

aestheteUK estheteUS
humanitarian sophisticate

What gun is the vandal?

The Vandal is a high-cost automatic rifle. One of VALORANT’s best general-purpose weapons, it is most effective at picking off individual targets at longer ranges due to having no falloff, allowing it to kill any enemy with a single headshot at all ranges.

What is vandal man?

A vandal is someone who harms or destroys other people’s property. Someone who paints graffiti on your door is a vandal. Vandalizing is the damaging of someone else’s possessions or property. A person who vandalizes is a vandal. A vandal doesn’t steal, but they reduce the value of what someone owns by harming it.

What is the verb form of vandal?

verb (used with object), van·dal·ized, van·dal·iz·ing. to destroy or deface by vandalism: Someone vandalized the museum during the night.

Who conquered the Vandals?

The Vandal Kingdom ended in 534, when it was conquered by Belisarius in the Vandalic War and incorporated into the Eastern Roman Empire (or Byzantine Empire). The surviving Vandals either assimilated into the indigenous African population or were dispersed among the Byzantine territories.

Who are the Vandal people?

Where are the vandals now?

In the words of historian Roger Collins: “The remaining Vandals were then shipped back to Constantinople to be absorbed into the imperial army. As a distinct ethnic unit they disappeared”. Some of the few Vandals remained at North Africa while more migrated back to Spain.

Is the vandal a AK 47?

Two of the most popular guns in VALORANT are the Vandal and the Phantom. These two guns are VALORANT’s version of the very popular AK-47 and M4A1-S from CS:GO. Both the Vandal and the Phantom possess qualities that closely resemble their CS:GO counterparts as well.

What type of word is Vandals?

Vandals is a noun – Word Type.

What is a vandalism person?

deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property: vandalism of public buildings. the conduct or spirit characteristic of the Vandals. willful or ignorant destruction of artistic or literary treasures.

What is the meaning of Vandal?

English Language Learners Definition of vandal : a person who deliberately destroys or damages property : a person who vandalizes something See the full definition for vandal in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What is the history of the Vandals?

Vandal, member of a Germanic people who maintained a kingdom in North Africa from 429 to 534 ce and who sacked Rome in 455.

What does you’ll come around mean?

come around 1 To change one’s view or opinion of someone or something. My dad hates all of my boyfriends at first, but don’t worry,… 2 To visit someone or a particular area. I hope you’ll come around more often now that you live in our neighborhood. More

What is the difference between a Vandal and a barbarian?

Vandal – a member of the Germanic people who overran Gaul and Spain and North Africa and sacked Rome in 455. barbarian, savage – a member of an uncivilized people.