What edge angle should my skis be?

What edge angle should my skis be?

Recreational Skier Bevel Recommendations

Average Recreational Skier Hard Snow Soft Snow
Side Edge Bevel 1° – 3°
Advanced Recreational Skier
Base Edge Bevel .5° – 1°
Side Edge Bevel 2° – 3° 1° – 2°

How sharp should my ski edges be?

Your skis edge should be sharp enough to shave tiny bits of your nail when rubbing your nail up and down across the edge. Ski edges should not be as sharper than a butter knife but not as sharp as a dull kitchen knife.

Can skis be too sharp?

If you’re experiencing such jerkiness, your skis’ edges might simply be too sharp. They will improve as the edges dull, but waiting until they dull is frustrating. Take them back to the shop, and ask the tech to dull the edges with emery paper or a gummy stone.

How is ski edge bevel determined?

MEASURING SIDE BEVEL ANGLES It is pretty simple to determine the side edge angle on your skis or snowboard. Using a black marker (Sharpie, etc.) color about 4″ (100mm) of your side edge. Next, place your finest diamond stone, or natural stone, in your side bevel guide or tool.

How often should ski edges be sharpened?

In average you can normally sharpen the edges on a pair of skis 5 to 10 times before the steel edges are worn out. After that you need to replace your skis. Most people who have never skied or have always rented the ski gear in the rental centers may be surprised by the fact that their skis must be sharpened regularly.

How do you not get edge skiing?

Put simply the effects are; make a ski accelerate down a slope, keep a ski at a constant velocity as it travels down a slope, make a ski decelerate as it travels down a slope, and stop a ski so that it doesn’t travel any further sideways down a slope.

How often should you tune your ski edges?