What genre is massive attack mezzanine?

What genre is massive attack mezzanine?

Electronic dance music

Is mezzanine a good album?

Mezzanine is like no other album that has come before, or since. It’s timeless and genre-defying, yet it’s also the best example of late 90’s trip-hop any British music act could have produced. Massive Attack’s use of samples and the sheer mix of musical genres they spanned was visionary, peerless and inspirational.

Is mezzanine a concept album?

Mezzanine is the third studio album by English electronic music group Massive Attack, released on 20 April 1998 by Circa and Virgin Records….Mezzanine (album)

Released 20 April 1998
Genre Trip hop electronica
Length 63:29
Label Virgin Circa

What is the beetle on mezzanine?

During the making of Massive Attack’s third album, Del Naja had become fascinated by spiders, dreaming vividly of arachnids and the patterns on their backs. It led ultimately to the sleeve’s stark gatefold black stag beetle on a white background, shot by Knight at the Natural History Museum in London.

Why is the album called Mezzanine?

3D decided to name the album after the song because of the no man’s land or twilight zone or even a floor between floors (as the lyrics in the chorus would seem to suggest) the song embodies, which were the same qualities that the album, Mezzanine embodied as a whole come it’s completion time.

Is Robert Del Naja Banksy?

Defense: While Del Naja calls Banksy a friend, he flatly denies being the artist himself. Del Naja told the Daily Mail: “Rumors of my secret identity are greatly exaggerated… It would be a good story but sadly not true.

Why is the album called mezzanine?

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Who produced mezzanine?

Mezzanine began the band’s relationship with producer Neil Davidge, who’d known Vowles dating back to the early ’90s and met the rest of the band after the completion of Protection. He picked a chaotic time to jump in, but Davidge and 3D forged a creative bond working through that pressure.

Why is it called a mezzanine?

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What is Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” tour like?

Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” tour includes guest singers and video footage in collaboration with the documentarian and essayist Adam Curtis. Credit… Since it was released in 1998, Massive Attack’s third album, “Mezzanine,” has endured as a bleak milestone. “We all tend to look back 20 years.

Who are the guest singers on Massive Attack’s Mezzanine?

Massive Attack is rejoined by two guest singers who appeared on “Mezzanine”: Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins and the reggae songwriter Horace Andy. The set list includes songs — from the Velvet Underground, Pete Seeger, the Cure and Ultravox — that were sampled or quoted on “Mezzanine.”

Is Massive Attack doing a tour?

That mandate turned into an international tour concluding Thursday and Friday at Radio City Music Hall in New York that probes and expands on the album. Massive Attack is rejoined by two guest singers who appeared on “Mezzanine”: Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins and the reggae songwriter Horace Andy.