What happens on 5th day of SSB?

What happens on 5th day of SSB?

Conference in SSB interview happens on the 5th day of SSB testing, in conference, all the assessors of a particular board including the president and deputy president, meet each other to discuss and prepare the results of candidates on 5 days testing.

How many days is SSB for?

SSB Screens the candidates for the Army, Navy and Air Force. SSB Interview is five days long procedure which includes two stages of testing as stage I & stage II.

Is SSB now of 3 days?

It is expected that the OLD 5 day SSB procedure will be replaced by 3 Day SSB Procedure called as De Nova SSB System from 2019. “De Nova” means “A fresh New Approach of Selection Process”. This system has been designed by DRDO’s DIPR (Defence Institute of Psychological Research) and is expected to be in place by 2019.

What happens on last day of SSB?

The conference is held on the final day of your stay in SSB. It is an event that consists of 10 to 12 members which include the President, the Vice-President, the GTOs, the Psychologists and the Technical Officer. The primary objective of the conference is to reach on a consensus about particular candidates.

What happens in 5 days of SSB Quora?

As we all know that SSB is a 5-day procedure, wherein we have to undergo different tests which are Stage I: OIR and PPDT and Stage II: Psychology, Ground Task, and Personal Interview. All these three tests require a separate preparation approach.

How many are selected in SSB interview?

One can also get the directly SSB interview call letter, such entries are called direct entries, one is shortlisted for the SSB based on their aggregate percentage in their graduation….CDS Exam – How many cleared the SSB Interview.

Exam Name Candidates Cleared SSB Interview
CDS 2 2017 192 + 227

Is it easy to crack SSB interview?

Cracking the SSB interview is not some easy task. The interview goes on for five to six days, during which, candidates go through intense testing that assesses their personality, traits, thinking ability, social behaviour, psychology, physical strength and many more things.

What happens in the first day of SSB?

The first day involves ‘Officer Intelligence Rating Test’ The Aspirant gets two booklets having 40 questions each. The time allotted for each booklet is 15- 17 minutes. Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT):

Can we change SSB Centre?

No, allotted SSB centre can’t be changed. The date of SSB interview can be changed by providing valid reasons for doing so.

Is smoking allowed in SSB?

The simple answer is NO, smoking does not cause rejection at SSB.

What happens on 2nd day of SSB?

On the second day of SSB, a Psychological Test is conducted. Following tests take place on this day: Thematic Apperception Test (TAT):

Is English is compulsory in SSB interview?

All the verbal and written tests in SSB are conducted in the English medium. One must have good spoken English in order to do well in the interview.

How to prepare for SSB interview in 5 days?

Before directly jumping towards 5 days SSB procedure, we will first focus on some “ SSB interview tests ” and “ terms repeatedly used in SSB interview process ” and give you a simplified meaning of these terms. Understanding these 16 terms will help you grasp SSB interview process with 100% conceptual clarity.

What happens on the reporting day of SSB?

On the reporting day at the SSB centre, ‘ Document Verification ’ and ‘ PIQ form filling ’ takes place. Your Call letter contains all details of reporting. You have to report at Moment Control Office. Your actual SSB interview may start on reporting day or day after reporting day.

Is de novo SSB procedure 3 days or 5 days?

De Novo SSB procedure, De Novo SSB pattern and De Novo SSB changes will be discussed in upcoming articles because 3 days SSB procedure is not yet implemented. So, till then, let’s focus on 5 days SSB procedure for our preparation.

Where can I find the SSB procedure for NDA?

You can take SSB procedure pdf from our website so that whenever you need to search about SSB interview procedure, you can directly access the SSB procedure pdf which you have offline. SSB procedure for NDA is the same as other entries. Only difference is that the NDA exam is a 10+2 level entry