What information is available from INTERPOL?

What information is available from INTERPOL?

Highlights. An INTERPOL Incident Response Team can be briefed, equipped and deployed anywhere in the world within 12 to 24 hours. We manage 19 police databases with information on crimes and criminals, accessible in real-time to countries.

What is INTERPOL database?

We manage a range of databases containing information related to criminals and crimes. The databases contain millions of records with information on individuals such as names and fingerprints; stolen property such as passports and vehicles; and weapons and threats such as firearms.

Is there a international criminal database?

IAFIS is the largest biometric database in the world, housing the fingerprints and criminal histories for more than 70 million subjects in the criminal master file, along with more than 31 million civil prints.

Why do police use databases?

Police database The police use various databases to help them track criminals and solve crimes. They are able to look for trends or patterns in crimes and this helps them to establish whether a person could be responsible for a series of burglaries or assaults that have been taking place.

How do you check if you are wanted?

If you suspect that you are wanted by the police, and you are ready to turn yourself it, simply ask a police officer. The police can access a warrant database and check if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. If there is a warrant out for you, the officer is very likely to take you into custody.

How many databases has INTERPOL have?

Underpinning all activities on the ground are our databases and services. In 2019, the number of INTERPOL’s specialized databases reached 18, and contained more than 100 million police files; they were consulted 230 times every second.

How would you know if you are wanted by the police?

How do I know if I have Red Notice?

Can I find out if a Red Notice has been issued for me? You can contact the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF), an independent body. Applications to the CCF are free of charge and treated confidentially.

How do I get my name removed from INTERPOL?

How to proceed with a request for the removal of a red notice or diffusion?

  1. contact the judicial authorities in the country which issued the red notice with the request to remove the information.
  2. contact the authorities in the country where you live to ask Interpol to remove your name from its databases.

Can INTERPOL make arrests anywhere?

It does not have the power itself to arrest or detain anybody. Interpol does, however, coordinate an international notice system that allows police in member states to share critical information.

How do I know if I have INTERPOL Red Notice?

You can check the ‘wanted persons’ section of INTERPOL’s website. This page contains extracts of some, but not all, Red Notices. If your name does appear on this page, it will also include a very broad indication of what sort of offence you are wanted for, for example ‘theft’.