What is a 257 Ackley?

What is a 257 Ackley?

The 257 Improved is a fine performer, adding up to 100 fps velocity over its factory cousin. One of its advantages, Ackley noted, is the fact that 257 Roberts factory ammunition can be used in an improved rifle if necessary. Other 25 caliber wildcats are not this flexible.

Is there a 270 Ackley Improved?

There Is No 270 Ackley Improved, Either. Nevertheless, many shooters have ignored his advice, feeling the slight velocity gain with 150-grain bullets makes the 270 A.I. a bit more effective for elk, moose, etc.

What is a 257 Roberts good for?

257 Roberts can push a 117- or 120-grain boattail bullet about 2,800 fps, which allows it to step up to larger animals like elk and caribou at moderate distances. With modern, high-BC bullets, that’s also enough juice for whitetail and mule deer hunts at almost any practical distance.

Why does Ackley have 280?

280 AI loads generally require a little less powder and thus produce less free recoil energy (all other things being the same). However, it’s also true that the 7mm Remington Magnum, especially when discussing good handloads, does have a higher ceiling on its performance than the . 280 Ackley Improved.

Is the 257 Roberts obsolete?

Though in some circles the 257 Roberts may be considered an obsolete cartridge overshadowed by several other cartridges, several times over past decades the Roberts has experienced a resurgence of interest. My own nostalgic 257 Roberts was chambered in the 1983 Remington Classic Model 700 rifle.

Is a 280 a good deer rifle?

It’s ideal for whitetails, mule deer, mountain goats, pronghorns, and sheep, and a darn good choice for elk. With good handloads and proper bullets, I’d use the 280 to tackle anything short of Cape buffalo. And I’d hunt those with the 280 Remington if it were legal and someone with a big bore were backing me up.

Is 280 Ackley Improved accurate?

280 Ackley Improved fits nice in a standard long-action receiver, and in spite of the steep shoulder, I have found the cartridge will feed well in most rifles. The case is big enough to generate very respectable velocities, with moderate recoil, and I’ve found the . 280 AI to be very accurate.

What is a 257 Roberts compared to?

257 Roberts fits very neatly into any magazine designed for the 7×57 Mauser.

Is a 257 Weatherby a good long range rifle?

Description: The . 257 Weatherby Magnum has taken more than its share of animals since being produced. It shoots SUB-MOA accuracy with a factory 110 Accubond bullet at 3460 muzzle velocity while delivering adequate big game velocity and energy out to 650 yards. Beyond 650, all predators and prairie dogs beware!

Is a 257 Roberts a 6.5 mm?

257 Roberts is . 257 inches (6.5 mm), not to be confused with the more well known 6.5 mm caliber (like 6.5×55 mm, 6.5 Grendel or 6.5 Creedmoor) which uses 6.7 mm (. 264″) bullets, or the . 25 ACP pistol caliber which is 6.35 mm (.