What is a DA 4187 used for?

What is a DA 4187 used for?

A DA Form 4187 will be used by the Department of the Army. This particular form is known as a Personnel Action form. It is used by a soldier who wants to request a personnel action on their own behalf. This could include training, reassignment, extra rations, name changes, and more.

What army regulation covers personnel accountability?

AR 600-8-6
AR 600-8-6 Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting.

How do I join the Army Macp?

Soldiers should submit a DA Form 4187 requesting enrollment in the MACP, with a copy of their marriage certificate to their Bde S-1/BCT or MPD who will take the necessary action to update to the Total Army Personnel Data Base (TAPDB).

How do I fill out a DA 5888?

How to Fill Out DA Form 5888?

  1. The sponsor’s name.
  2. The sponsor’s email address.
  3. The sponsor’s SSN.
  4. The sponsor’s phone number(s).
  5. The family members’ names and dates of birth.
  6. The family member’s email address.
  7. The family member’s phone number(s).
  8. The family member’s fax number.

How long is secondary caregiver leave Army?

Secondary Caregiver Leave: A 21-day period of non-chargeable leave granted to a designated secondary caregiver for the care of a child obtained through a qualifying birth event or adoption.

How does Army Macp work?

Soldiers are identified as enrolled in the MACP through the use of the personnel database of record, which displays the Social Security Number, Personnel Class, and Component of the Soldier’s spouse. This information is used to initiate coordination with the spouse’s career manager.

What is a DA form 2028 used for?

A DA Form 2028 will be used by the United States Department of the Army. It is a form called Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms. It is used by anyone who believes a change should be made to a form or publication used in the Army.

What is a DA form 12?

If you are opening a new account or updating your. current account you will need to prepare and submit a DA Form 12 (Request for Establishment. of a Publications Account) through the appropriate Publications Control Officer (PCO) to. MDD’s customer service email address: usarmy.stlouis-mo.106-sig- bde.

What happens if you lie to an NCO?

Lying is a serious offense and breach of values. Depending on the circumstances you could be looking at full punishment under the UCMJ. If it is a Summary Article 15- 14 days restriction, 14 extra duty.