What is a French bayonet?

What is a French bayonet?

The French Model 1886 bayonet was developed for use with the Model 1886 rifle (see FIR 7986). It featured a distinctive 52cm cruciform shaped blade. This version is of a type produced during the First World War, from 1915 onwards. The orginal alloy hilt was replaced by one made of brass in this model.

How long was the French bayonet?

In 1886, the French army introduced a 52-centimetre-long (20.5 in) quadrangular épée spike for the bayonet of the Lebel Model 1886 rifle, the Épée-Baïonnette Modèle 1886, resulting in a rifle and bayonet with an overall length of six feet (1.8 m).

Why do bayonets have a hole?

A hole in the blade fits onto a protrusion in the scabbard so that the two together can be used as scissors to snip a wire. The weapon is insulated against 240 volts to protect a soldier cutting through electrified barbed wire.

What are some of the best bayonets in French history?

French Bruneel Poncharra trial musket bayonet n/s. French M1890 Gendarmerie frog. French M1916 Meunier bayonet w/s. French double barrel hunting socket. French reversible hilt silver mounted plug bayonet w/s. French 1866 w/s. French M1771 Infantry musket bayonet n/s. French Hunting Yataghan with double barrel muzzle ring.

Are there any Etienne bayonets on eBay?

Etienne MATCHING NUMBERS L@@K French bayonets come in several styles or types to suit various purposes, and you can add different designs to your collection of antique or vintage edged tools. You will find a nice selection of inexpensive FAMAS, Berthier, and Lebel rifle bayonets for sale on eBay.

What kind of bayonets are in Nr 10895 3?

ETIENNE ORIGINAL NR 10895-3 Nice! French M1874 Gras Rifle Sword Bayonet & Matching Scabbard St. Etienne 1878 French CHASSEPOT Bayonet & Scabbard M1866 1872 ST. Etienne MATCHING NUMBERS L@@K French leather frog for WW1/WW2 model 1892 Berthier Bayonet.