What is a quality circle Mcq?

What is a quality circle Mcq?

Explanation: Quality circle is also known as Quality Control Circle. It is a small voluntary group of employees and their supervisors comprising of around 6 to 10 members.

What is main objective of quality circle Mcq?

Explanation: An objective of quality circle team is to promote cost reduction. Improving the system performance at minimum cost and no compromise in quality is the ultimate aim of any continuously improving organization. 4.

What is the element of quality circle Mcq?

Explanation: Top management, steering committee, leader, non-members, coordinator, facilitator, and members are the elements part of the structure of the quality circle in an organization. All these elements are crucial for the efficient functioning of the organization.

What is the purpose of a quality circle ‘?

A quality circle or quality control circle is a group of workers who do the same or similar work, who meet regularly to identify, analyze and solve work-related problems. It consists of minimum three and maximum twelve members in number.

Who is the father of quality circle?

Kaoru Ishikawa
Kaoru Ishikawa advocated forming “QC Circle” in order to educate and promote Quality Control for front-line workers in the workplace, on the way to realize Total Quality Control, and strived to promote it by establishing the QC Circle Headquarters, within JUSE, in 1962 for systemization.

Where was the first quality circle established in India?

Ramachandrapuram Hyderabad
Quality Circle concept was first introduced by BHEL, Ramachandrapuram Hyderabad in the year 1981 in India with the initiation of Mr. S.R. Udpa – GM-Operations.

Which one is not the name of a quality circle?

Q. Which of the following is not an alternative name of quality circle?
B. Productivity circle
C. Excellence circle
D. Loss circle
Answer» a. Human resources circle

What is quality circle example?

Q.C. Many companies today use quality circles, especially when it comes to manufacturing. The most well-known example would be Toyota, which helped to pioneer the concept decades ago. These circles continue to meet on a regular basis to identify potential problems and get them resolved as efficiently as possible.

Who uses quality circle?

Although no hard data are available, a good estimate is that over 90 of the Fortune “500” companies now have QC programs in their structures. Such well-regarded companies as IBM, TRW, Honeywell, Westinghouse, Digital Equipment, and Xerox use them a lot.

Who introduced quality circle in India?


How many steps are in QC?

QC story – Complete guide (QC story 7 steps) QC story is one of the known methodology to work on problem-solving. Here in this post, you will find the complete 7 steps of QC story. As a quality engineer, you will be working on problem solving scenarios in the organization.

How many steps are in a quality circle?

Circle members are able to take the problem, analyse and solve them. After observing the results, they prepare the case studies in 12 step method format or 7 QC step method which reflects that they know all the steps of problem solving very well.

Who is the father of quality?

The field of quality management lost one of its pioneers over the weekend as Joseph Juran died at age 103. Referred to as the “father” of modern day quality management, Juran was born in Braila, Romania in 1904 and immigrated to the U.S. in 1912.

Which are the 7 QC tools?

What are the 7 basic quality tools?

  • Stratification.
  • Histogram.
  • Check sheet (tally sheet)
  • Cause and effect diagram (fishbone or Ishikawa diagram)
  • Pareto chart (80-20 rule)
  • Scatter diagram.
  • Control chart (Shewhart chart)

What are the 7 steps of quality?

7 Steps to Quality Improvement

  • Step 0: People. The first consideration in any quality improvement work is bringing together the right people for the job.
  • Step 1: Problem.
  • Step 2: Aim.
  • Step 3: Measures.
  • Step 4: Plan – Driver diagram.
  • Step 5: Change ideas.
  • Step 6: Tests of change.
  • Step 7: Spread.