What is a Twinsert?

What is a Twinsert?

Twinserts are used to correct STI* or standard tapped holes that are stripped, off-center, damaged or beyond the correction range of Oversize Inserts or standard Heli-Coil® Inserts.

Do they make oversized HeliCoil?

Two types of Heli-Coil thread repair kits are available for correcting tapping errors to STI and standard tapped holes. Oversize™ inserts and Twinserts allow use of the original bolt size after the repair has been made.

What size tap do you use for a 1/4 20 HeliCoil?

Tap Size: 1/4-20 STI. Drill Size: 17/64″

How deep should a HeliCoil go?

Pro Tip – The proper installation depth of a HeliCoil insert is ¼-1/2 turn below the top of the original hole.

What are Keenserts used for?

KEENSERTS can be used in alloys, light materials, steel and cast iron to provide increased thread strength in low strength materials. They are also used for thread repair enabling the damaged thread to be replaced with the same size thread.

What is a big sert?

BIG-SERT is a heavy wall solid bushing, easy to install with positive placement. BIG-SERT gives increased load protection for critical use. BIG-SERT will repair oversize holes which have previously been repaired. This is a complete kit including: drill bit, counterboring tool, tap, inserting tool, and 5 inserts!

What size tap do you use for a 1/4 28 helicoil?

Tap Size: 1/4-28 STI. Drill Size: 17/64″

Can you use Loctite with HeliCoils?

Apply LOCTITE® 2620™ Threadlocker into the helicoil You might be familiar with LOCTITE® 2620™ as a red, high-strength threadlocker. In this case, the job involved attaching the helicoil to the insert tool provided and then applying LOCTITE® 2620™ to the outside of the helicoil.

Can Keenserts be removed?

How to remove Keenserts ® It is unlikely that a Keensert will ever have to be removed. Use standard drill. Deflect KEES inward and break off.

Who manufactures Keenserts?

Keenserts® are a product of the Camloc brand. Camloc are experts in the fastenings industry with over 80 years’ experience and in-depth product knowledge.

Is HeliCoil stronger than original threads?

If a thread is “static” i.e. not likely to be done up and undone more than a few times in its lifetime, we would always say a helicoil type thread is the strongest option.

Are helicoil stronger than original threads?