What is an email forum?

What is an email forum?

Forum in Gmail basically allows groups of people with similar interests to collaborate and work together online. It is more of a messenger, made particularly for team, organization, class, or other groups where you’re required to communicate using emails.

How do I do a forum on Gmail?

Creating a Gmail Forum

  1. Step 1: Visit the Google Groups website on your browser.
  2. Step 2: Tap the Create button.
  3. Step 3: Type in the name you want the Forum to be called into the box labeled Group name.
  4. Step 4: Type in some details about the group/forum into the Group description box.

What is the main purpose of forum?

A forum is an online discussion board where people can ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss topics of mutual interest. Forums are an excellent way to create social connections and a sense of community. They can also help you to cultivate an interest group about a particular subject.

How do you create a forum?

How to Create a Forum Website

  1. Pick a location to host your forum.
  2. Choose a software to create your forum website.
  3. Organize your forum’s structure.
  4. Design your forum’s theme.
  5. Create user rules for your forum website.
  6. Start conversations with interesting discussion topics.
  7. Publish your forum on your website.

What is a Google forum?

Forums allow groups of people with similar interests to collaborate and work together online. If you want to create a forum in Google, you can, but only through Google Groups.

What is forum and example?

The definition of a forum is a place or a method for discussion. An example of a forum is an online message board.

How do I create a forum?

How do I create a forum app?

How to create a forum app in 3 easy steps

  1. Give your app a name. Choose a design template and tweak it to your liking.
  2. Drag and drop your favorite features. Create a forum app without coding in just a few minutes.
  3. Test and Publish your forum app.

What is the full meaning of forum?

1a : the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business. b : a public meeting place for open discussion The club provides a forum for people interested in local history. c : a medium (such as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of …

What is a forum site?

A website that provides an online exchange of information between people about a particular topic. It provides a venue for questions and answers and may be monitored to keep the content appropriate.

Can you create a forum for free?

To get started on your own, we recommend creating a website with a website builder like Wix that has a built-in, free forum software that can easily be added. Forums can serve as a way to simply bring your audience together, or as a source of feedback and inter-user support.

How do I create a discussion forum?

The most common approach for organizing discussions is to type your discussion topic in the forum title and add details in the forum description.

  1. Type a subject or a discussion question in the forum title and provide instructions or details in the description.
  2. Allow students to create threads.