What is another word for disaggregated?

What is another word for disaggregated?

Disaggregated Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for disaggregated?

disassembled dismantled
taken apart took to pieces
taken to pieces unjoined

What disaggregated mean?

Disaggregation is the breakdown of observations, usually within a common branch of a hierarchy, to a more detailed level to that at which detailed observations are taken.

What is the synonym of remeasure?

(also gage), scale, span.

How do you use the word disaggregate in a sentence?

The use measure is difficult to disaggregate between men and women because they share resources within a family unit. The columns on the right disaggregate the rise or fall in total social expenditure by different spending categories. It’s important, on this numbers of tour thing, to disaggregate our forces.

What disaggregated data?

Disaggregated data refers to the separation of compiled information into smaller units to elucidate underlying trends and patterns.

What is the difference between aggregated and disaggregated?

To aggregate data is to compile and summarize data; to disaggregate data is to break down aggregated data into component parts or smaller units of data.

Why do you disaggregate data?

Disaggregating data is important to reveal patterns that can be masked by larger, aggregate data. Looking specifically at sub-populations can help make sure that resources are spent on the areas and students where they are most needed and can have the biggest impact.

What does remeasure mean?

Definition of remeasure transitive + intransitive. : to measure (something or someone) again … were unwilling to conclude definitely that K-2 topped Mount Everest until Everest could be remeasured by the same technique.—

What is remeasurement contract?

▪ An estimate measure of the work for the tendered price, to be used to. arrive at a revised contract price once the actual quantities of work carried out are measured. This is the remeasure form of contract.

What is disaggregated day?

What does “disaggregated” training day mean? This means that staff have completed training in twilight sessions after school and therefore are not required to be in school for this training day.

How do you spell disaggregation?

n. A breaking up into component parts.

What is a disaggregation analysis?

Disaggregating data means breaking down information into smaller subpopulations. For instance, breaking data down into grade level within school aged students, country of origin within racial/ethnic categories, or gender among student populations are all ways of disaggregating data.

What word means to divide into groups?

1 bisect, cleave, cut (up), detach, disconnect, part, partition, segregate, separate, sever, shear, split, subdivide, sunder. 2 allocate, allot, apportion, deal out, dispense, distribute, divvy (up) (informal) dole out, measure out, portion, share.

How do schools disaggregate data?

What happens when you aggregate or disaggregate the data?

Disaggregating your data means that Tableau will display a separate mark for every data value in every row of your data source. To disaggregate all measures in the view: Clear the Analysis >Aggregate Measures option. If it is already selected, click Aggregate Measures once to deselect it.

What is remeasurement loss?

Remeasuring the asset allows the company to more accurately record the value of the impaired asset and may allow a deductible loss to be taken. In order to determine whether an impairment exists, a company needs to determine if the market value of an asset has dropped below its carrying value.

What is disaggregation operations management?

Disaggregation is a way to create focused operational plans. It is the process of taking a larger operation and breaking it into smaller plans and shorter time periods.