What is difference between Kolkata Police and West Bengal Police?

What is difference between Kolkata Police and West Bengal Police?

The West Bengal Police is one of the two police forces of the Indian state of West Bengal. The other being the Kolkata Police, which has a separate jurisdiction across Kolkata. ₹9,503 crore (US$1.2 billion) (2021-22 est.)

How many divisions are there in Kolkata Police?

Kolkata Police has been divided into following Divisions : North and North Suburban Division. Central Division. Eastern Suburban Division.

How many zones are there in West Bengal Police?

3 Zones
There are 8 Ranges and 3 Zones for the purpose of supervision of Police service throughout the state. The region is headed by an officer of the rank of Addl.

How many Ps are under Kolkata Police?

Know Your Police Station

Police Station Office Incharge Address
Amherst Street Shri Pulak Kumar Dutta 57, Raja Ram Mohan Sarani, Kolkata-700009
Hare Street Shri Sumit Das Gupta 42, C.R Avenue, Kolkata-700069
Bowbazar Shri Debjit Bhattacharyya 13, Kapiltolla Lane, Kolkata-700012
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Why Bengal police uniform is white?

Answer: Kolkata is on the seashore and there is a lot of heat and humidity, so the British chose white color for the police here. So that their uniforms reflect sunlight and get less heat.

How many DCP are there in Kolkata?

(Six) Additional Commissioners of Police. (Five) Joint Commissioners of Police. Deputy Commissioners of Police.

How many DSP are there in West Bengal?

Dy. Superintendents of Police CID

Sl No. Dy. SP Name View
13. Smt Atreyee Sen, WBPS DS (Malda) CID, WB Detail View
14. Shri Prashanta Kumar Nandy, WBPS DS Burdwan CID WB Detail View
15. Shri Koushik Ghosh, WBPS DS Bankura CID WB Detail View
16. Shri Rashid Anwar, WBPS DySP (HQ-1) with addl.charge of DySP (Spl),CID WB Detail View

Who is ACP of Kolkata?

Soumitra Bhattacharya – retd as ACP. – Assistant Commissioner of police, lntelligence branch, Kolkata | LinkedIn.

How many ACP are there in Kolkata?

Commissioner of Police. (One) Special Commissioner of Police. (Six) Additional Commissioners of Police. (Five) Joint Commissioners of Police.

What is the salary of Kolkata Police?

Kolkata Police SI Salary Structure 2021
Pay Scale Rs. 32,100 – 82,900/- per month
Basic Pay Rs. 32,100/-
Dearness Allowance Rs. 963/-
House Rent Allowance Rs. 3852/-

Who is superior SP or Commissioner?

Commissioners of Police in India are IPS officers who head the police force in a commissionerate. They hold higher executive powers than those available to a Superintendent of Police (SP) or Senior SP (SSP) as in-charge of the police force of a district.

What is the jurisdiction of the Kolkata Police?

Jurisdiction. The jurisdiction of the Kolkata Police covers the area of Kolkata District and an adjacent area as well. That adjacent area, like Kolkata District, is within the boundaries of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The Kolkata Police’s entire area comprises all 144 wards of the KMC .

What is the history of policing in Kolkata?

The history of the present structure of policing in Kolkata goes back to East India company times, when the city was known as “Calcutta”, and was an early settlement of the English East India Company. Calcutta was founded on the eastern banks of the Hooghly by an Englishman, Job Charnock in 1690.

What is police jurisdiction?

Police jurisdiction, generally, is contained to the areas within the city limits where the police officer is sworn. A police officer who works for a particular city would only be authorized to enforce the law within the city limits.

Who was the first Commissioner of police in Calcutta?

Sir Fredrick Halliday, who was appointed as the Commissioner of Police in 1906, also introduced several changes in the administration of Calcutta Police including the system of running a Control Room.