What is Rosalind Brewer salary?

What is Rosalind Brewer salary?

As the CEO & Director of Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc, the total compensation of Ms Brewer at Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc is $8,133,450. There are 5 executives at Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc getting paid more, with Stefano Pessina having the highest compensation of $17,483,200.

How old is Rosalind Brewer?

About 60 years (1962)Rosalind Brewer / Age

Who is Roz Brewer husband?

John BrewerRosalind Brewer / Husband

Where did Roz Brewer go to college?

Spelman College
Cass Technical High SchoolStanford Law SchoolWharton School of the University of PennsylvaniaThe University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Rosalind Brewer/Education

How much is Starbucks CEO worth?

3.8 billion USD (2022)Howard Schultz / Net worth

Who makes the most money at Apple?

Tim Cook’s Pay Grows 568 Percent Apple CEO Tim Cook’s total compensation surged a massive 568 percent in 2021 compared with 2020, leading the company’s executive payroll by a wide margin.

What is Rosalind Brewer’s net worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Rosalind G Brewer is at least $11.5 Million dollars as of 15 February 2020. Ms. Brewer owns over 190 units of Starbucks stock worth over $21,350 and over the last 14 years she sold SBUX stock worth over $3,492,372.

Who is Rosalind Brewer?

Rosalind G. Brewer is Chief Operating Officer, Group President – Americas, Director of the Company. Ms. Brewer served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Sam’s Club, a membership-only retail warehouse club and a division of Walmart Inc., a multinational retail corporation, from February 2012 to February 2017.

How old is Starbucks CEO Rosalind Brewer?

Rosalind Brewer is 57, she’s been the Chief Operating Officer, Group President – Americas, and Director of Starbucks since 2017. There are 5 older and 10 younger executives at Starbucks.

What is Brewer doing now?

Brewer continues to serve as a member on the Board of Trustees for Westminister School, the Board of Councilors for the Carter Presidential Center, and serves as the Board of Trustees Chair at Spelman College.