What is special about Casa Batllo?

What is special about Casa Batlló?

Gaudí gave Casa Batlló a unique façade, full of imagination, thanks to his work as a free and joyful artist. He thus created an exuberant and marine-inspired façade, adding involuntary sculptures, recycled materials and decontextualised objects, converting them into art.

What was Gaudí’s most famous design?

La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia is the most famous of Gaudí’s works. It is his masterpiece; the very definition of Gaudí’s architecture.

What is the architectural style of Casa Batlló?

Modern architectureExpressionist architecture
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What are on the roof of Casa Batlló?

Rooftops and dragon scales If the Noble Floor is the heart of Casa Batllo, the roof is the crown jewel. Continuing to take inspiration from animals, the serpentine roof of the building resembles a dragon’s spine. Gaudi achieved this by placing the ceramic tiles as if they were scales.

How much time do you need at Casa Batlló?

approximately 1 hour
The visit takes approximately 1 hour. Is it permitted to enter with animals? Yes, under the supervision of their owners and with the approval of Casa Batlló staff.

What materials are used in Casa Batlló?

Ceramic, glass, wood, iron, stone… The façade of Casa Batlló is a festival of materials and creativity, making these tasks both a demanding and exciting challenge for all the professionals involved. In fact, the canvas that will cover it during this time is a tribute to all of them.

Is Casa Batlló Art Nouveau?

One of the jewels of Art Nouveau, created when the Batlló family commissioned Gaudí to remodel an existing house. It was completely transformed, from the façade to the internal structure.

What percentage of Sagrada Familia was complete when the architect died?

When Gaudí died in 1926, the basilica was between 15 and 25 percent complete. After Gaudí’s death, work continued under the direction of his main disciple Domènec Sugrañes i Gras until interrupted by the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

What architectural style is Casa Batlló?

Can you live in Casa Batlló?

Casa Batlló was a family residence, whose first floor and main floor were occupied. Later, from 1911 onwards, the upper floors were rented out, although it is not currently possible to live in the building, which is possible at La Pedrera, where the writer Ana Viladomiu lives.