What is Telesma?

What is Telesma?

noun. (also telesma) rare. An object thought to have magic powers or bring good luck; = “talisman”; especially (in Byzantine Greece, western Asia, and north Africa) a statue, buried object, or other artefact believed to protect a house, city, etc., from danger.

Can Index become a Magic God?

Candidates. Index is the first character mentioned of being capable of being a Magic God, with her having the 103,000 grimoires and is apparently immune to their poisonous nature.

Is Accelerator an angle?

In the last episode of season 3 of the anime A certain magical index, Accelerator who is an esper turned into an angel.

How did Accelerator get black wings?

Academy City Invasion Arc Index witnessed Accelerator’s first incomplete awakening, which gave him huge black wings, while he was fighting Kihara Amata, and she thought to herself that the power he used then was so great that not even a Saint would have been able to handle it.

Can accelerator manipulate dark matter?

Accelerator admits on how his Dark Matter can work against his reflection, to which he tells Kakine that all he needs to do is add Dark Matter into his calculations, using his ability to control Dark Matter.

Can Kakine beat accelerator?

Kakine laughs at this prospect. After a couple of banters, the two clashed once again. Accelerator defeats Kakine Teitoku, taking control of his white wings and stabbing him with it. Though terribly injured, Kakine still lives.

What are accelerators powers?

Accelerator’s ability is based on Vector Transformation (ベクトル変換, Bekutoru Henkan?), [Notes 1] known in other names such as Vector Change and Vector Conversion, that allows him to control vectors (magnitude and direction) and influence objects that have vectors such as bullets, heat, and electricity.

What is around accelerators neck?

The device that he wears on his neck was developed by Heaven Canceller. It’s connected to the Misaka Network, and the Misaka Network performs the calculations for him. This allowed him to regain enough mental capacity to think, speak, and read normally, as well as granting him the ability to walk again.

What is accelerator investor?

Generally speaking, an accelerator is a fixed term program that usually lasts from three to twelve months. It provides a combination of education, mentoring, and networking, often with investment. It is distinct from other forms of investment and incubation, such as angel investing, grants, or incubators.

What is Telesma and why is it dangerous?

Such phenomena is related to the element to which the Telesma is aligned. Dense concentrations of Telesma, such as that which covered London following the Overloading of the Curtana Original, also carry the risk of an explosion if magic is used inside them.

What is the difference between Mana and Telesma?

Unlike mana, which is not initially aligned when produced, Telesma is aligned to one of the elements. Large concentrations can have highly dangerous effects on the real world, such as causing large tidal waves. Such phenomena is related to the element to which the Telesma is aligned.

What is Thelema in Toaru Majutsu no index?

Various elements of Thelema, such as The Book of the Law, the concept of Aeons, and the entity Aiwass, are featured over the course of Toaru Majutsu no Index and play a key part in events in the story.

Is Tenshi no Chikara Telesma?

You can help Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki by expanding it. Tenshi no Chikara (Terezuma)?, lit. “Angel’s Power”) is the power dwelling in the Phase known as Heaven and the source power for Angels of divine origin. [citation needed] The Magic Cabal Stella Matutina referred to the Power of the World as Telesma.