What is the cost of HSRP number plate in Punjab?

What is the cost of HSRP number plate in Punjab?

HSRP Price List

Class of vehicle Type of Application Price (All Inclusive)
Light Motor Vehicles / Passenger Cars Complete HSRP Set 539.26
Damage Front Plate 424.84
Damage Rear Plate 452.31
Damage Both Plate 808.48

How can I get Punjab High security number plate?

  1. Apply HSRP Online. Pay HSRP Fee. (Old Vehicles – Manufactured. Before 1st Apr 2019)
  2. Apply Only Color Coded Sticker. (TLP)
  3. Request For Camps In Institutes/Residential Societies.
  4. Reschedule Appointment. (HSRP Fee already paid)
  5. Customer Grievance. Redressal.

Is Hsrp sticker mandatory in Punjab?

Is HSRP mandatory for old and heavy vehicles in Punjab? According to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and CMVR 1989 rules, it is made compulsory for all the two-wheelers and the four-wheelers including old and heavy vehicles sold before 1 April 2019 to have High-Security Number Plates.

How do I get a high security number plate for an old car in UP?

Step 1: Go to www.bookmyhsrp.com. Step 2: Select the affixation location (Home/Dealer). Step 3: Choose a booking option (HSRP with a sticker or only sticker). Step 4: Select vehicle class (Private Vehicle / Commercial Vehicle).

Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicles in Punjab?

HSRP Application Form (Old Vehicles – Applicable for vehicles registered in the State of Punjab before the 1st of April 2019) All (*) fields are mandatory.

How can I check my number plate in Punjab?

If you have deposited the fee, you can get the status of your number plate by sending your vehicle number, CNIC number, name, and address to 9989.

What is last date of HSRP in UP?

Last Date to Install HSRP Number Plate

Vehicle Last Digit Number Last date for HSRP
0 or 1 15 July 2021
2 or 3 15 October 2021
4 or 5 15 January 2022
6 or 7 15 April 2022

What is the cost of HSRP in UP?

On average, the HSRP costs around Rs 400 for two-wheelers, up to Rs 1,100 for four-wheelers depending on the category. The colour-coded stickers can be fitted for Rs 100 for vehicles with an HSRP.

What is the deadline for HSRP in UP?

Days after the Uttar Pradesh government set a deadline on September 30 to ensure vehicles in the state have installed high security registration plates (HSRP), the transport department has planned to launch an enforcement drive against all such vehicles found without the device from Monday and fine them up to ₹5,000.

What is only colour sticker in Hsrp?

What Is A Colour Coded Sticker? A colour coded sticker will indicate the fuel type of the car and the Bharat Stage. For petrol and CNG cars, you will get a blue sticker, orange for diesel cars and green for EVs. BS6 compliant cars will additionally have a green strip on the top of the sticker.

Is colour-coded stickers mandatory in Punjab?

As per the directions of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the affixation of HSRP and third registration mark (colour-coded sticker) on the vehicles (old and new) has been made mandatory.

How do I get original number plates?

Visit nearest Excise and Tax department along with the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of Registration Book.
  2. Photocopy of your CNIC.
  3. FIR (in case of lost/stolen number plates)

How do I find the original number plate?

Some of the number plates you see on some cars are fake and not original….Steps To Verify If Your Car Plate Number Is Original Or Fake

  1. In your browser, go to www.nvisng.org/numberplateverification.aspx.
  2. Enter your plate number in the provided space (with no hyphen in between)
  3. Click on the “verify” button.