What is the depth of skirting board?

What is the depth of skirting board?

The most commonly used skirting board depth is 18mm, although they can be as thin as 12mm and upwards of 32mm.

What is the meaning of a skirting board?

Skirting board or skirting is a narrow length of wood which goes along the bottom of a wall in a room and makes a border between the walls and the floor.

What are the different types of skirting boards?

What is the Best Type of Skirting Board?

  • MDF skirting boards. This engineered product offers and robust and affordable solution which is resistant to warping and swelling.
  • Softwood skirting boards.
  • Hardwood skirting boards.
  • Tiled skirting.

How many types of skirting are there?

There are different types of skirting used such as Metal Skirting, Wooden Skirting, Continued Skirting, Colored Skirting, Contrasting color skirting, Pencil Skirting, Plastered skirting, etc.

What size should skirting boards be?

As a very general rule, you should opt for skirting boards that are roughly 1/18 of the height of your room or choose skirting boards that are as tall as roughly double the width of your door architraves.

How do you measure skirting board thickness?


  1. Wall 1. Measure from the first internal corner to the edge of door opening.
  2. Wall 2. Measure between the two internal corners, and record in notebook.
  3. Wall 3. Measure between next two internal corners, and record in notebook.
  4. Wall 4.

What is the most popular style of skirting?

Top 10 Skirting Boards Profiles

  • Ogee Skirting Profile. Ogee skirting boards are, to say the least, the most widely used all across the UK.
  • Bullnose Skirting Profile.
  • Lambs Tongue Profile.
  • Square Edge Profile.
  • Torus Skirting Profile.
  • Ovolo Profile.
  • Square And Grooved Skirting Boards Profiles.
  • Art Deco Profiles.

What is the best type of skirting board?

How do you choose skirting boards?

How wide is a skirting?

As per Mariterra, the most common sizes of skirting board sit between the range of 120mm and 230mm, with 145mm standing out as the standard solution. However, depending on the design and manufacturer, it is likely that you can choose anything from 70mm to 400mm.

Why do houses have skirting boards?

In short, skirting boards are necessary to form the junctions between the construction materials and hide untidy joins. They also protect the bottom of the wall from general wear and tear from foot traffic expected in a normal home (pets and children, for example).

What is the nicest skirting board?

Why do floors have skirting?

When moping the floor, a floor skirting acts as a useful barrier between your wet mop and the wall, preventing those ugly wet patches. The Floor Gallery’s highly moisture-proof and durable Eco Resilient Vinyl Floor Skirting gives walls an extra layer of protection.

What is another word for skirting board?

baseboard (noun) mopboard (noun) other relevant words (noun)

Why is skirting board called skirting board?

The term skirting boards was first mentioned in the Victorian era where rich individuals were trying to keep up the grand designs of their houses. At that time walls were made from bricks and heat used to be a huge problem. Many people couldn’t afford a radiator to keep warm.

How do you measure skirting?

What is a skirting board?

skirting board. noun [ C or U ] UK uk. Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio. / ˈskɜː.tɪŋ bɔːd / us. Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio. / ˈskɝː.t̬ɪŋ bɔːrd / (US baseboard) a piece of wood that is joined to the bottom of a wall where it meets the floor. Lex20/iStock/Getty Images Plus/GettyImages.

What is the purpose of skirting in a house?

Different purposes for which skirting are installed are mentioned below: Hide exposed electrical wiring: Skirting can be used to cover up the exposed electrical wires and connection that cannot be removed. Hiding these wiring under the skirting board is found more economical and practical compared to hiding under the ceiling board.

Do skirting boards get Dusty quickly?

As the wall and the skirting are on the same level, they do not catch dust quickly as in the case of other skirtings, where they stay projected out of the walls. 6.

What is a synonym for skirting?

Synonyms for skirting. Synonyms. border, borderline, bound, boundary, brim, circumference, compass, confines, edge, edging, end, frame, fringe, hem, margin, perimeter, periphery, rim, skirt, verge.