What is the example of attire?

What is the example of attire?

Attire is defined as clothing. A tuxedo is an example of formal attire. The definition of attire is to wear elegant or expensive clothing. Wearing a fancy dress is an example of to attire.

Are hats considered clothing?

In its broadest sense, clothing includes coverings for the trunk and limbs as well as coverings for hands (gloves), feet (shoes, sandals, boots), and head (hats, caps). Articles carried rather than worn (like purses and umbrellas) normally count as accessories rather than as clothing.

What is the most popular fashion accessory?

Top 2019 Fashion Accessory Trends That Go With Any Wardrobe

  • Hat Trend: WIDE BRIM.
  • Hat Trend: BERETS.
  • Bag: BELT BAG.
  • Bag: XXL BAG.
  • Jewelry: STACKING.
  • Jewelry: LONG EARRINGS. Long earrings are one of my personal favorites of the new fashion accessory trends.

How do you describe clouds in writing?

Here are some adjectives for clouds: few puffy, yon sanguine, dense turbulent, simply polluted, insubstantial pink, polluted red, vagrant white, fiery semicircular, dappled seaborne, aflame, huge, pleasantly intoxicating, dark and coppery, voluminous and slightly blood-flecked, viscous, uncouth, slightly blood-flecked.

What is hat in cookery?

A chef’s hat is officially called a toque, which is Arabic for hat. While the term has existed for a few thousand years, the French popularized the word when referring to a chef’s hat, according to Culinary Anyone. By the 1800s, the hat became known as the toque blanche, or white hat.

What is the description of crafts?

The term crafts is often used to describe the family of artistic practices within the family decorative arts that traditionally are defined by their relationship to functional or utilitarian products (such as sculptural forms in the vessel tradition) or by their use of such natural media as wood, clay, ceramics, glass.

Is a hat clothing or accessory?

Accessories that are worn may include jackets, boots and shoes, cravats, ties, hats, bonnets, belts and suspenders, gloves, muffs, necklaces, bracelets, watches, eyewear, sashes, shawls, scarves, lanyards, socks, pins, piercings, rings, and stockings.

How do you use the word dress in a sentence?

Attire sentence example

  1. I wasn’t sure what would be appropriate attire for the restaurant.
  2. He loved the simple dress and manners of the Franks, and on two occasions only did he assume the more stately attire of a Roman noble.
  3. There was nothing suggestive about her attire , and it was too hot to wear jeans.
  4. Co.)

How do you use the word avail in a sentence?

Avail sentence example

  1. They were fortunately able to avail themselves of it.
  2. Again, we have evidence of the power of plants to avail themselves of the heat rays.
  3. His good intentions were of no avail to his government.
  4. He did not avail himself of the materials available in his day.

Why do the royals wear hats?

It’s tradition for women in the royal family to wear hats Throughout British history, hats and fascinators have been a part of the upper-class etiquette. The headgear also denotes social standing. Apparently, high-quality head coverings are difficult to imitate (via Bustle).

How do you describe an outfit in a story?

Let’s explore each suggestion for using clothing descriptions creatively:

  • 1: Use clothing to show status and position.
  • 2: Build (or thwart) character expectations with clothing description.
  • 3: Describe clothing to contrast characters’ personalities.
  • 4: Show clothing to avoid over-relying on telling.

Are shoes considered attire?

Shoes clothe or cover feet which puts then in the category of apparel. They can also adorn one’s appearance which further qualifies their appareling status. One of the main reasons shoes are worn is for protection from irritating and harmful elements.

How do you write SEO descriptions?

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  2. Highlight the key features.
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Why did everyone wear hats in the past?

People wore hats more in the past because of social context and evolving technology. The societal norm in the west is to bare one’s head indoors. That means we saw more hats in the past, but we saw them outdoors. As already mentioned here, hats convey social status, style, shade, and warmth…

What’s another word for attire?

Synonyms of attire

  • apparel,
  • clobber.
  • [British slang],
  • clothes,
  • clothing,
  • costumery,
  • dress,
  • duds,