What is the most famous hole at Augusta?

What is the most famous hole at Augusta?

The Masters: Hole #12 Golden Bell. One of the world’s most famous golf holes, this is Augusta National’s shortest par three.

How many yards is hole 12 at Augusta?

155 yards
Hole No. 12: Par-3 / 155 yards (Golden Bell) Then, what the wind is going to do. If you’re lucky enough to play Augusta once and the wind’s blowing, you’ll have no clue. But, really, that’s true even for Tour players, no matter how many times you’ve played it.

How deep is the 12th green at Augusta?

The green measures just 16 yards deep at its deepest point on the left side, where many competitors will tend to aim regardless of pin placement, and a mere 9 yards deep behind the front greenside bunker.

What is the 12th hole at the Masters called?

Masters’ 12th hole: 155-yard par-3 No. 12 (pictured above) is known as the Golden Bell hole. There’s a bunker both beyond the green and in front of it, along with Rae’s Creek positioned short of the green, as well.

Why is hole 12 at Augusta so hard?

There is no option but to hit the right yardage. Some holes are harder than others because they are set at a slight angle to the player – and this explains why the 12th at Augusta is so hard. The front left hand corner of the green is closer to the tee than the back right portion.

What is the most beautiful hole at the Masters?

Azalea (Hole 13) The top four most picturesque holes at Augusta National is where the competition truly gets fierce. Azalea, the par-five 13th, serves as the exit from Amen Corner. After an accurate tee shot, the player can try for the green in two but not with any risks.

What does Amen Corner mean in golf?

Amen Corner is a series of some of the most challenging holes at Augusta National Golf Club, the host of the annual Masters Tournament. The holes referred to by the term Amen Corner include the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes at Augusta National.

What is the easiest hole at the Masters?

It’s no surprise the four par 5s are the easiest holes in the Masters each year at Augusta National in Georgia. Modern tour pros build their games to dismantle the longest holes on any course, relative to par.