What is the oldest surviving language?

What is the oldest surviving language?

Tamil Tamil
Tamil. Tamil is the oldest language still in use today. By order of appearance, the Tamil language (part of the family of Dravidian languages) would be considered the world’s oldest living language as it is over 5,000 years old, with its first grammar book having made its first appearance in 3,000 BC.

What are the 7 oldest surviving languages in the world?

12 Oldest Languages In The World Still Widely Used!

  1. Tamil (5000 years old) – Oldest Living Language of the World.
  2. Sanskrit (5000 years old) – World’s Oldest Language.
  3. Egyptian (5000 years old)
  4. Hebrew (3000 years old)
  5. Greek (2900 years old)
  6. Basque (2200 years old)
  7. Lithuanian (5000 years old)
  8. Farsi (2500 years old)

Which is the 4 oldest language in the world?

Italian(100BC – PRESENT)

  • Korean (around 57 BC – present)
  • Tamil (300 BC – present)
  • Farsi(522 BC – present)
  • Hebrew (1000 BC- present)
  • Aramaic ( 1100 BC to present)
  • Chinese(1250 BC)
  • Greek (1450 BC)
  • What was the 1st language?

    Thus, given this evidence, Sumerian can also be considered the first language in the world. Sumerian was gradually replaced by Akkadian as a spoken language around 2000 BC, but it continued to be used as a literary, ceremonial, scientific and sacred language until the 1st century AD.

    Is Aramaic or Arabic older?

    Aramaic is the oldest continuously written and spoken language of the Middle East, preceding Hebrew and Arabic as written languages.

    What are the oldest languages in the world still used?

    Hebrew. The Hebrew language is the only living Canaanite language that is still in use at present.

  • Basque. Basque is one of the living languages amongst the pre-Indo-European languages that are mostly extinct today.
  • Tamil. Tamil is one of the classical languages surviving till date.
  • Arabic.
  • Farsi/Persian.
  • Greek.
  • Chinese.
  • Lithuanian.
  • Icelandic.
  • Irish Gaelic.
  • What is the oldest language still spoken?

    TOP 10 Oldest Programming Languages That are still in Use in 2022. https://lnkd.in/djqWcTbA

    What is the loudest language in the world?

    Those analysts who have been trying to decipher the president’s body language should take a break. The president has spoken loud and clear. Carrying out that gangster-like raid on Igboho house, while he had long enabled Fulani provocations, is the president’s language; it is the language of complicity.

    What is the most ancient language in the world?

    Hebrew. Hebrew is a funny case,since it essentially fell out of common usage around 400 CE and then remained preserved as a liturgical language for Jews across the world.

  • Basque. The Basque language is the ultimate linguistic mystery.
  • Tamil.
  • Lithuanian.
  • Farsi.
  • Icelandic.
  • Macedonian.
  • Finnish.
  • Georgian.
  • Irish Gaelic.