What is the passing mark for Grade 12 in Namibia?

What is the passing mark for Grade 12 in Namibia?

25 points
Currently, the pass mark for Grade 10 is 23 points, while those in Grade 12 need 25 points to qualify for tertiary education.

How do I check my grade 12 results 2014?

You can check for the 2014 Grade 12 results using your mobile phone through the following procedure;

  1. Open the message pad on your mobile phone.
  2. Type the Full 10 digit Examination Number (Leave space)
  3. Type Examination Year (Leave space)
  4. Type Examination Grade and then.
  5. Send to 8383.

How can I access my matric results online?

How To Check For Matric Results Online

  1. Step 1: Visit the website of the Department of Education matric results page.
  2. Step 2: Enter your examination number.
  3. Step 3: More personal details may be required.
  4. Step 4: Press search.
  5. Step 5: Your matric results will now come up.

How can I check my grade 12 Result 2013?

2020 grade 12 result can be checked online by the following steps.

  1. Go to result portal app.neaea.gov.et.
  2. Enter the required credentials like student registration number.
  3. Verify and hit enter button.
  4. Finally, view and download Grade 12 Result 2013 EC.

How many points is AG in Namibia?

With regards to the numerical values awarded to the symbols, an A is worth seven points, a B is worth six points and so the value of the symbols decrease to G which has the lowest value of one point.

How can I get my grade 12 Result 2013?

How can I download my statement of results?

Visit the statement of results page, then click on option 2, CANDIDATE SIGN IN. On the following page, select the Grade you want to check results for in the select box, E.g. “GRADE 12” or “GCE” and click Continue. Next, enter your full, valid examination number in the specified field and click Continue.

How do I check my grade 12 results online Bahir Dar?

app.neaea.gov.et student result

  1. type app.neaea.gov.et in your address bar.
  2. At the main menu (top) click on “Check Result“
  3. Now you need to click on “Grade 10” or “Grade 12“
  4. After your selection, a text box will appear.
  5. In this box, you have to enter your “Registration Number”
  6. Finally, press enter.

How many points do I need to go to UNAM?

Candidates with a 2 year diploma (equivalent to 240 NQA credits) from a recognized institution may be granted admission to an undergraduate degree programme, provided that the minimum entry requirement to the diploma was at least 22 points in five subjects on the UNAM Evaluation Scale with English as a Second Language …

How many points is an A in AS level?

There is no grade A* at Cambridge International AS Level. 140 points will be awarded for an A*, but the number of Cambridge AICE points will be capped at 360.

How do I download my Grade 12 statement of results?

How can I download KCSE results online?

  1. Visit the Official KNEC website (knec.ac.ke)
  2. Check for the KCSE Results tab, click on it.
  3. Select the year you sat for the Exams.
  4. Enter your Index number.
  5. Finally click the Submit button.
  6. Your KCSE results should show on the screen after a while.

How do I get my matric number unilag?

To do this:

  1. Login to www.dli.unilag.edu.ng.
  2. Click on Portal Login.
  3. Click on FRESH/NEW STUDENTS button.
  4. Enter your login details (Username & Password) and Submit.
  5. Automatically generate your ‘MATRICULATION NUMBER’ and take note of it.
  6. Re-Login with your Username as (Matric.
  7. Click on ‘ MY ACCOUNTS’ tab.