What is the story of Jaanwar?

What is the story of Jaanwar?

An adopted boy named Badshah grows up to be a criminal and is pursued by Inspector Pradhan; after committing murder, Badshah goes into hiding and also finds himself caring for an abandoned child.Jaanwar / Film synopsis

Where is Akshay Kumar from?

Amritsar, IndiaAkshay Kumar / Place of birth

Who was the kid in Jaanwar?

Aditya Kapadia
Aditya Kapadia is an Indian film actor who has starred in several TV series like Suryaputra Karn, Adaalat and Cambala Investigation Agency. He has also featured in movies like Jaanwar and Bas Ek Chance.

Who is the director of Jaanwar?

Suneel DarshanJaanwar / DirectorSuneel Darshan is an Indian filmmaker, film director, producer and writer who works in the Bollywood industry. Wikipedia

Is Jaanwar movie hit or flop?

Semi Hit
Akshay Kumar Movies List & India Box Office Collection 1991-2022 Hit /Flop Records & Analysis

Movie Name Year Box Office Verdict
Jaanwar 1999 Semi Hit
Main Khiladi Tu Anari 1994 Semi Hit
Mohra 1994 Hit
Suhaag 1994 Semi Hit

Is Janwar movie hit or flop?

Sign in to vote. “Janwar” film is undoubtedly the best film of Akshay Kumar. It was his Hit also after 17 consecutive flops. Kudos to Director Suneel Darshan.

Which actor got highest salary in India?

1. Rajinikanth. Currently, Rajinikanth is India’s highest-paid actor. Rajinikanth is one of Asia’s most popular actors, with fans all around the world.

How old is Sushmita Sen?

46 years (November 19, 1975)Sushmita Sen / Age

Was Akshay Kumar born with a comic talent?

After giving a number of flops in a row, his comical performance in “Hera Pheri” rocked the audience and rolled them in the aisles. After this movie, it was stated in media that a new Akshay Kumar was born with a comic talent.

Why is Akshay Kumar called Bharat Kumar?

Akshay Kumar is also addressed as “New-Age Manoj Kumar aka Bharat Kumar” due to his phenomenal performances in the films named Namastey London, Holiday, Baby, Gabbar Is Back, and Airlift. Akki is a bit superstitious and has never written anything on a page unless he writes an ‘Om’ on it.

Is Akshay Kumar worth Rs 2000 crore in his lifetime?

“Forget mighty Khans, Akshay Kumar is the first actor to earn Rs 2000 crore in his lifetime”. India Today. 18 February 2013. Archived from the original on 18 February 2013. Retrieved 9 March 2013. “Akshay Kumar now worth Rs 2,000 crore”.

Is Akshay Kumar’s sister Alka married to Vaibhav Kapoor?

Akshay Kumar sister Alka was earlier married to Vaibhav Kapoor. Vaibhav’s mother Rani had a store called Shehnaaz Herbal Parlour in Mumbai. Often mistaken as Master Rajiv Bhatia who debuted in Sanjay Khan’s Abdullah (1980).