What is the synonym of dreadfully?

What is the synonym of dreadfully?

terrible, frightful, horrible, grim, awful, dire. frightening, terrifying, horrifying, alarming. distressing, shocking, appalling, harrowing. ghastly, fearful, hideous, horrendous, monstrous, unspeakable, gruesome, tragic, calamitous, grievous, grisly. archaic terrific.

What’s another word for dreading something?

Some common synonyms of dread are alarm, fear, fright, panic, terror, and trepidation.

What are three synonyms of ominous?

synonyms for ominous

  • apocalyptic.
  • dangerous.
  • dark.
  • dire.
  • dismal.
  • gloomy.
  • grim.
  • haunting.

What is the synonym of slog?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for slog. hike, tramp, walk, walkabout.

What is dreadfully antonym?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms dreadful. Antonyms: encouraging, inspiriting, assuring, promising, hopeful. Synonyms: fearful, shocking, monstrous, dire, terrible, frightful, terrific, horrible, alarming, awful.

What dreading means?

1a : to fear greatly can’t swim and dreads the water a dreaded disease. b archaic : to regard with awe. 2 : to feel extreme reluctance to meet or face dread the future dreaded telling him the truth dread the thought of speaking in public.

What is the adjective for dread?

dreadful. (obsolete) Full of dread, whether. Scared, afraid, frightened. Timid, easily frightened.

What are the meaning of ominous?

ominous, portentous, fateful mean having a menacing or threatening aspect. ominous implies having a menacing, alarming character foreshadowing evil or disaster. ominous rumblings from the volcano portentous suggests being frighteningly big or impressive but now seldom definitely connotes forewarning of calamity.

What is a synonym and antonym for ominous?

adjective. ( ˈɑːmənəs) Threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments. Antonyms. unalarming clear beneficent inauspiciousness unpropitiousness auspicious favorable. minacious menacing minatory forbidding sinister.

Where did the word slog come from?

slog (v.) 1824, “hit hard,” probably a variant of slug (v. 3) “to strike.” Sense of “walk doggedly” first recorded 1872.

Is dreadfully an adjective?

Dreadful most commonly means extremely bad, unpleasant, or ugly. Less commonly, it can also mean causing great fear or terror, which makes sense because dreadful is the adjective form of the noun dread, meaning fear.

How do you use dreadful?

Dreadful sentence example

  1. He thought it would be dreadful for me.
  2. I’m sure she caught that dreadful disease from one of them and it killed her.
  3. She is the third to do so since I’ve been in this dreadful place.
  4. It would be dreadful to eat these dear little things.

What is adjective of dread?

Is Dreadly a word?

Dreadly definition (obsolete) Dreadful. (obsolete) With dread.

What does dread mean in slang?

great fear
terror or apprehension as to something in the future; great fear. a person or thing dreaded. dreads, Informal. dreadlocks. Informal.

What is the adverb of dread?

/ˈdredfəli/ (especially British English) ​extremely; very much. I’m dreadfully sorry. I miss you dreadfully.

What is omnius?

Omnius is a Berlin-based company focused on developing technology that enables access to the knowledge and information locked in handwritten documents.

What is the verb of ominous?

omen. (transitive) To be an omen of. (intransitive) To divine or predict from omens.