What is the synonym of the word verbose?

What is the synonym of the word verbose?

Some common synonyms of verbose are diffuse, prolix, and wordy. While all these words mean “using more words than necessary to express thought,” verbose suggests a resulting dullness, obscurity, or lack of incisiveness or precision.

What’s another way to say confession?

Some common synonyms of confess are acknowledge, admit, avow, and own. While all these words mean “to disclose against one’s will or inclination,” confess may apply to an admission of a weakness, failure, omission, or guilt.

What is a cajoling?

1a : to persuade with flattery or gentle urging especially in the face of reluctance : coax had to cajole them into going. b : to obtain from someone by gentle persuasion cajoled money from his parents.

What does kohorst mean?

German: habitational name from Kuhhorst, northwest of Berlin, a place named with Low German ko, kau ‘cow’ + horst ‘group of trees’.

What is Unbosom?

Definition of unbosom transitive verb. 1 : to give expression to : disclose, reveal. 2 : to disclose the thoughts or feelings of (oneself) intransitive verb.

What is emotional ambivalence?

Emotional ambivalence is the simultaneous experience of positive and negative emotions about something. It’s what we think of as being “torn.”

What does FY in petrify mean?

to convert into stone or a stony substance. to benumb or paralyze with astonishment, horror, or other strong emotion: I was petrified with fear. to make rigid or inert; harden; deaden: The tragedy in his life petrified his emotions. verb (used without object), pet·ri·fied, pet·ri·fy·ing. to become petrified.

What does prefix ambi mean?

a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, meaning “both” (ambiguous) and “around” (ambient); used in the formation of compound words: ambitendency.

What is the call to confession?

The call to confess is the call to lay down the burden you may carry, the burden of guilt, of judgement, of knowing you hurt another. We lay that burden down at the feet of the One who calls all of us to a life of forgiveness and repentance. Trusting in the mercy and love of our God, let us pray, first in silence.

What do we confess to you in our confession?

We confess to you that which causes separation, that which causes pain, that which causes distress, and that which breaks down. We confess to you our part in those things. And in humility and hope, we ask for your help to do better, to reconcile, to heal, to soothe, to build up.

What should I write in a confession letter?

Be careful, written confession letters may haunt you later. A desire and want A little secret A lover’s wish A reason for living Be mine only Beautiful love Could it be?

What does it mean to go to confession before God?

CALL TO CONFESSION We come before God in silence and in prayer, to open our hearts to our Creator, the one who heals, loves, and forgives. Merciful God, hear our prayer. When we are courageous, or down and out, or too weary to do anything else, we admit the truth of our lives.