What is the timing of tatkal ticket booking?

What is the timing of tatkal ticket booking?

Tatkal booking opens at 10 AM for AC Classes and 11 AM for NON-AC Classes on One days in advance actual date of journey excluding date of journey w.e.f. of 15.06.2015(commercial circular no:34 of 2015).

Can I book tatkal ticket 2 days before?

Passengers can book Tatkal e-tickets for selected trains one day in advance excluding the journey date from the train originating railway station.

Can I book Tatkal ticket at night?

4) Agents will only be allowed to book tickets between 8 AM to 8:30 AM, 10 AM to 10.30 AM, and 11 AM to 11:30 AM, while authorised travel agents cannot book tatkal tickets during the first 30 minutes of opening.

Can I book 5 tickets in Tatkal?

It will be possible to book a maximum of only four tickets per PNR (passenger name record) in the Tatkal scheme. 5. Web services agents of IRCTC will be permitted to book only one Tatkal ticket per train per day on the internet.

Can I book Tatkal ticket online?

Can we book Tatkal tickets online? Yes. Tatkal Tickets can be booked online one day in advance excluding the date of journey from the train originating station.

Is TQWL ticket Cancelled automatically?

The TQWL status denotes that the ticket was booked under Tatkal Quota and is still Waitlisted. Ticket will automatically be cancelled once the chart will be prepared and the amount will be refunded to the source account within 4 – 5 Days.

What if Tatkal ticket is in waiting list?

However, if your Tatkal ticket is on the waiting list or RAC and it gets confirmed at any time before the preparation of the final passenger chart, you won’t be entitled to refunds in case of cancellation. There are no concessions offered during the booking of Tatkal tickets.

Is Tatkal booking open?

Tatkal E-ticket can be booked for selected trains one day in advance excluding date of journey from the train originating station. It can be booked on the opening day from 10:00 hrs for AC class (2A/3A/CC/EC/3E) and at 11:00 hrs for Non- AC class(SL/FC/2S). e . g.

Can I book Tatkal ticket offline?

Indian Railways offers booking of Tatkal tickets via online as well as offline mode. Passengers can book Tatkal tickets online through IRCTC’s (Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation) official website or via its mobile app. Passengers opting for offline mode can visit the reservation counters.

Is Tatkal ticket costly?

Tatkal charges are fixed at 10 per cent of the basic fare for second class and 30 per cent for other classes. For reserved second sitting minimum tatkal charge is Rs 10 and maximum is Rs 15. Tatkal ticket charges for sleeper is minimum of Rs 100 and maximum of Rs 200.

Is Tatkal available now?

In a big relief to train passengers, the Indian Railways has resumed bookings of Tatkal tickets for all 230 special trains from June 29, a service that was stopped in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Railways had suspended passenger, mail and express trains during the nationwide lockdown from March 25.

Can I travel with TQWL 1?

No, You can not travel with TQWL ticket. If you booked your ticket online and have a waiting list ticket, you will not be able to travel on the train. If you booked your waiting list ticket directly at a railway station ticket counter, you can travel but in no particular seat if none are vacant.