What is the VisMobile app?

What is the VisMobile app?

The VisMobile Android App allows you to register and schedule inmate visits without logging onto your computer. You can also download the add-on companion app to complete video visits with an inmate directly on your phone. This app is currently only available for Android users.

Does GTL work on iPhone?

Video visits on Android and iPhone mobile devices are supported. To see if this is available at your facility click here. If the service is not available at your facility please use a computer or laptop.

How does ConnectNetwork GTL work?

Family and friends of inmates can use the ConnectNetwork.com website to manage their account with GTL. Friends and family can create and fund an AdvancePay prepaid telephone account, and create, send and receive e-messages (very similar to email) with inmates from the ConnectNetwork.com website.

What is Pigeonly app?

Pigeonly helps inmates stay connected with family by providing them simple ways to receive hard-copy photographs and place inexpensive long-distance phone calls. Its secret sauce is a proprietary 50-state prisoner database that makes locating inmates as easy as typing their names in a search box.

What is the app to talk to inmates?

GTL’s GettingOut mobile app is rooted in the power of relationships. It provides simple and reliable communication between inmates and their family and friends — allowing them to stay connected, even on the go!

Is there an app for Global Tel Link?

Both the iOS and Android app are available at no cost to friends and family members. In addition to the new mobile site and apps, GTL has also created a new text alert program, which sends a text message to alert GTL customers when their account has a low balance.

Is GTL and ConnectNetwork the same?

ConnectNetwork is part of GTL, the corrections industry’s most trusted technological solution provider. We make it easy and convenient for you to communicate with and support inmates at a facility—whether you’re looking to: receive phone calls.

How much does Global Tel Link cost?

As part of a new six-year contract with Global Tel*Link Corporation (GTL), telephone calls nationwide will cost 2.5 cents per minute, a reduction of 5.1 cents per minute for local calls (same area code) and calls within California, and a reduction of 18.5 cents per minute for telephone calls outside of California.

Whats the app where you can see who is in jail?

Access VINE conveniently from your mobile device The VINELink app is free and offers users the following features and benefits: Access the VINE online portal 24/7/365. View offender custody status information from over 2,900 law enforcement agencies across 48 states (data availability is determined by agency)

Is Pigeonly a legit site?

Overview. Pigeonly has a consumer rating of 3.8 stars from 975 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Pigeonly most frequently mention great way, pictures letters and long time. Pigeonly ranks 1st among Directories sites.

What is Pigeon inmate?

Pigeonly Corrections provides a low-cost postal mail solution that allows correctional facilities to receive legal and non-legal postal mail without the risk of contraband, protecting the safety of government employees while ensuring inmates’ constitutional right to postal mail.