What kind of company is SunGard?

What kind of company is SunGard?

American multinational company
SunGard was an American multinational company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, which provided software and services to education, financial services, and public sector organizations.

What industry is SunGard Availability Services?

IT infrastructure Cloud computing Disaster Recovery Workplace Recovery
Sungard Availability Services

Type Privately held
Industry IT infrastructure Cloud computing Disaster Recovery Workplace Recovery
Founded 1978
Headquarters Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
Key people Mike Robinson, CEO

What is SunGard advantage?

About SunGard’s AddVantage. An asset management, trust accounting, and securities processing solution, AddVantage helps institutions serve their customers by expanding access to data and services through the Web.

How many employees does SunGard have?

SunGard serves approximately 16,000 customers in more than 100 countries and has more than 13,000 employees. Visit us at www.sungardas.com.

What company owns SunGard?

FIS SG, LLCSunGard / Parent organization

What company owns Sungard?

Who owns Sungard Availability?

FISSungard Availability Services / Parent organization

Who owns SunGard Availability?

Who owns SunGard?

Is SunGard part of fidelity?

Fidelity National Information Services Inc., a provider of banking and payments technology, said Wednesday it agreed to buy Wayne’s SunGard Data Systems Inc. in a deal valued at $9.1 billion, including the assumption of $4 billion of debt.

Who took over SunGard?

Florida-based Fidelity Information Services (FIS), the technology provider to the newly-opened Bandhan Bank, recently announced the acquisition of Pennsylvania-based financial software company SunGard, which would create a firm with combined annual revenues of $9.2 billion.

Who owns SunGard now?