What kind of helmet covers does the Bundeswehr use?

What kind of helmet covers does the Bundeswehr use?

M92 helmet covers used by the Bundeswehr have a reversible white or Flecktarn temperate camouflage. In deployments to arid regions, a Tropentarn or desert camouflage cover is used. A blue cover is used for United Nations peacekeeping duties.

What are the materials used in the Bundeswehr?

It is made from Aramid composite materials and is used by all branches of the Bundeswehr. A Bundeswehr soldier with his basic gear, including a G36 rifle and the M92 helmet.

When did the German Bundeswehr start using M92 helmets?

The first M92 was issued in 1992 to the Bundeswehr. Pakistan and Singapore were known to have received 826 helmets for field testing for potential adoption. In May 2015, it was reported that the German Ministry of Defense is considering to replace all M92s used by the Bundeswehr.

What are the different types of helmets used in the military?

Combat 826: Basic M92 helmet made for the Bundeswehr. 826D: a lightweight plastic parade version, replacing the M56 liner for ceremonial use in 1999. M828: a paratroop version without the front peak and with a reduced flare to the brim.

What does the Bundeswehr Medical Service wear?

Like civilian doctors, members of the Bundeswehr Medical Service wear white clothing, for example in Bundeswehr hospitals or major medical clinics. This clothing consists of a white button-up shirt and white trousers. On operations and exercises, medical personnel also wear field dress.

What does the Bundeswehr uniform look like?

Yet that is not always the case for the Bundeswehr, which has many different kinds of uniform. They range from field dress in various kinds of camouflage and service dress in Army grey or Navy blue to special clothing for the Bundeswehr Medical Service or the special forces. There are many variations of the Bundeswehr’s uniforms.