What made Wassily Kandinsky art unique?

What made Wassily Kandinsky art unique?

Kandinsky’s abstract art mirrored the belief that “things harmed images,” thus he experimented with shapes and colors to elicit mysticism and human feeling. Kandinsky’s paintings communicated their unique visual vocabulary that surpassed the material reality to depict the human condition.

What style of art is Kandinsky known for?

abstract painting
Wassily Kandinsky was known as a pioneer of abstract painting, both independently and as part of the Blaue Reiter group (1911-1914) and Blaue Vier (beginning in 1924) with Lyonel Feininger, Alexej Jawlensky, and Paul Klee.

What did Kandinsky believe art?

Not surprisingly, Kandinsky gave many of his paintings musical titles, such as Composition or Improvisation. For Kandinsky, color also had the ability to put viewers in touch with their spiritual selves. He believed that yellow could disturb, while blue awakened the highest spiritual aspirations.

What does Kandinsky art mean?

According to Kandinsky, an object could only legitimately be considered art if it was an unadulterated, outward manifestation of the artist’s psyche—of his or her authentic thoughts and feelings.

What was Klee’s main objective in his style of art?

He was also interested in the art of children and those suffering psychological disorders, which he regarded as pure forms of expression (he believed they had the “power to see”), and the hieroglyphs of African languages and art.

How much is a Kandinsky painting worth?

A painting by Wassily Kandinsky has sold for $21.2 million at a Christie’s auction of Impressionist and Modern works of art in London.

What is nonrepresentational art?

Work that does not depict anything from the real world (figures, landscapes, animals, etc.) is called nonrepresentational. Nonrepresentational art may simply depict shapes, colors, lines, etc., but may also express things that are not visible – emotions or feelings for example.

How does Kandinsky use music in his artwork?

Abstract art was first created by Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian artist who lived from 1866-1944. Kandinsky described his paintings as “visual music,” with colors being like sounds. He often painted to music, using color and line to express how the music made him feel.

Who was the father of abstract art?

Wassily Kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky is often regarded as the pioneer of European abstract art. Kandinsky claimed, wrongly as it turns out, that he produced the first abstract painting in 1911: ‘back then not one single painter was painting in an abstract style’.

What is the most expensive Kandinsky painting ever sold?

Sales record of Kandinsky’s paintings kept from 2012, when his painting “Sketch for Improvisation No. 8” was sold at Christie’s auction in New York for $ 23 million. Wassily Kandinsky “Fuga (Fugue”, 1914 — $22.9 million). This painting set a price record back in 1990 when nobody dared to buy it.

What colours did Kandinsky use?

Kandinsky was especially fond of blue. He also discussed the neutrals (black, gray, and white). White is silence and quiet, and black is completely devoid of possibility.

What is a key characteristic of nonrepresentational art?

Nonrepresentational art doesn’t have a defined outline of the subject. It shows the subject with the use of colors, lines, and forms. It distorts the features of the object in such a way that it doesn’t resemble the object, but also makes it possible for the viewer to recognize it.