What Old Time Pottery stores are closing?

What Old Time Pottery stores are closing?

As part of the Chapter 11 effort, Old Time Pottery will close stores in Fayetteville, North Carolina, North Charleston, South Carolina, Rockford, Illinois and Orlando, Florida. No reductions in staffing or other closures are expected at other stores, distribution center or store support center, the release said.

How many locations does Old Time Pottery have?

As of February 2018, it had 43 stores, including 13 in Florida, 4 in Tennessee, Ohio and Alabama, 3 in Indiana and Illinois, two in North Carolina, South Carolina and Missouri, and one in Oklahoma and Georgia….Old Time Pottery.

Type Private
Headquarters Murfreesboro, Tennessee , U.S.A.
Number of locations 43
Website Old Time Pottery

Does Old Time Pottery have plants?

Old Time Pottery’s potted trees, succulents, and flower arrangements are all excellent quality!

Who owns Old Time Pottery?

Comvest Partners
West Palm Beach, FL, October 2014: Comvest Partners is pleased to announce that Comvest Investment Partners Fund IV (“Comvest”) has completed the acquisition of Old Time Pottery (the “Company”), a Tennessee-based discount retailer of home décor products.

Who is CEO of Old Time Pottery?

Scott Peterson (2010–)Old Time Pottery / CEO

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