What percentage of US markets in July of 2011 belonged to Android phones?

What percentage of US markets in July of 2011 belonged to Android phones?

Smartphone Platform Market Share 82.2 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in July 2011, up 10 percent from the preceding three month period. Google Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 41.8 percent market share, up 5.4 percentage points.

What is the mobile phone market share?

Manufacturers’ market share of smartphone sales in the United States is led by Apple and Samsung, with a market share of 56 percent and 22 percent respectively, as of the fourth quarter of 2021. Next to Apple and Samsung are Lenovo and OnePlus, with market shares of eight and two percent respectively.

What percentage of the U.S. uses Android?


Mobile Operating Systems Percentage Market Share
Mobile Operating System Market Share in United States Of America – May 2022
iOS 57.43%
Android 42.29%
Samsung 0.24%

Is Android popular in USA?

Share of mobile operating systems in North America 2018-2021, by month. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the major competitors in the mobile operating system market in North America. In June 2021, Android accounted for about 46 percent of the mobile OS market, and iOS accounted for 53.66 percent of the market.

What is smartphone market share?

The US phone maker has 27.57% of the smartphone market share, just 0.65% less than Apple. Samsung and Apple dominate the smartphone industry and own a combined 55.79% of the total smartphone market share. In fact, these two smartphone manufacturers have been leading the market since 2013.

What percentage of US smartphones are Apple?

Apple iOS continues to hold down the largest share of the smartphone operating systems’ market in the United States, claiming more than half of the market as of January 2022. Apple’s share of smartphone users has risen around 23 percent since early 2012.

What iPhone was out in 2011?

iPhone 4s
iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4S made its debut in 2011. This time the S didn’t stand for speed, but rather for “Siri,” Apple’s brand new voice assistant. The iPhone 4 featured better cameras, too.

Did 2011 phones have cameras?

Both HTC and LG tried to jump on the 3D bandwagon in 2011 and released phones with dual 5MP cameras capable of taking photos or capturing video in stereographic 3D. As it turned out, there was no real demand.

What was the most popular phone in 2010?

iPhone 3G S
Apple’s iPhone 3G S was the most popular mobile phone in the US in 2010, despite the arrival of the device’s successor (the iPhone 4) mid way through the year.