What size bearings Shimano rear hub?

What size bearings Shimano rear hub?

The bearings in a Shimano rear hub are ¼” in diameter and each race contains 9 bearings. Front hub is 3/16″.

How many bearings does a Shimano front hub have?

Ten 3/16″ bearings per side on the front, Nine 1/4″ bearings per side on the rear.

What size are Shimano wheel bearings?

2.381 mm (3/32″) – most Shimano pedals bearing balls.

How do I know what bearings I need for my bike?

A cartridge bearing’s size is determined by its inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD) and width. The measurements take the form of ’15x24x5mm’ or similar. They often have a corresponding universal identifier, which in the case of the aforementioned bearing, would be 6802, for instance.

What size are MTB hub bearings?

Most hubs use 3/16″ front, 1/4″ rear. This isn’t a universal rule though. rogerzilla wrote: Most hubs use 3/16″ front, 1/4″ rear.

How many ball bearings does a Shimano freehub have?

Pus “twenty-eight 3.0mm steel ball bearings used for the outer bearing assembly”. So he needs 66 total.

What is the size of the ball bearing in the freehub?

For rear hubs, the common number is 9 balls of 1/4-inch diameter per side. For front hubs, the common number is 10 balls of 3/16-inch diameter per side.

How many points of engagement do Shimano hubs have?

Shimano Deore XT Adaptable to all three the primary rear hub spacing sizes (142-, 148- and 157mm), the Deore XT hubs have internals with 36 engagement points, contacting at every 10°.

Are sealed bearings better?

Sealed is better, requires less maintenance, and is overall better. It also has a rubber seal on it to keep dirt and water out. They are typically pressed into a hub or BB with a bearing press or rubber mallet or something else that won’t damage the bearings.

Are Shimano XT hubs any good?

Some people are easy on hubs and can ride anything, but even then shimano hubs don’t really have much going for them aside from being super smooth. Worth consideration on the road, but a useless feature on an mtb. Not trying to argue, if you’re happy you should keep using them. IMO XT hubs are a tough sell.

Should you grease a sealed bearing?

FOR STARTERS, note that most sealed bearings come pre-greased from the factory with a 25%-35% grease fill. This is all the grease the bearings will ever need, because the relubrication interval (explained below) is longer than the expected life of the bearing.

How much does a Shimano XTR rear hub cost?

Shimano XTR Rear Hub FH-M950 32 32H Vintage 9 Speed 9s Mountain BIke MTB 135 mm $87.99 Was: $109.99 $4.99 shipping or Best Offer Shimano XTR FH-M8010 Complete Freewheel Body $39.69 Free shipping Shimano XTR 8-speed Hub Pair HB-M900 & FH-M900 32H HG UG $159.99 16 watching Genuine Shimano XTR FH-M9010-B 11-speed Complete Hub Axle Assembly 148mm

How to change front hub bearings?

For the front hub you simply loosen the drive side of the axle, remove the lockring and cone, remove the axle and caged bearings, clean everything off, reassemble with fresh grease and new bearings and adjust appropriately. A little polish and the front hub is done.

How many ball bearings do you use in your hubs?

Both front and rear hubs use 5/32 ball bearings. 17 on the drive side and 15 on the disc side. Shimano Premium grease, made in Germany where many of the best things are made. If only hubs had been so cleverly designed when I was in a damp windowless bike shop basement regreasing and adjusting the bearings on bikes I was building back in the 80s.

How much does the Shimano XTR HB m9010 cost?

Shimano XTR HB M9010 Center Lock Disc Front Hub 15x100mm 32 Hole 15mm x 100mm $214.12 Free shipping Shimano XTR FH-M9111-B Rear Hub Centerlock Micro Spline 28h 12x148mm Boost NEW